Grow Your Premium Business, Double Your Pricing & Land More High-end Clients!

We are no longer content sitting on the sidelines.

We are no longer okay with working to the point of exhaustion and burn out for scraps.

As Black women we are coming out of the mindset of giving our all to everything and everyone but ourselves.

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Black women entrepreneurs are the fastest growing demographic in the business world.

We’ve seen this firsthand as our company was created to meet the unique needs of Black women, and within four months our services were completely booked out.

We learned pretty quickly that although black women are the fastest growing demographic, we are also the least funded and the most underpaid.


It’s our personal mission to change that narrative immediately…

You deserve a life and business that allows you to:

Charge premium rates that truly reflect your level of expertise.

Have the systems and support you need to go from doing everything yourself to growing a soulmate team.

Do whatever you want when it comes to creating a legacy and memories for your loved ones.

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In this series, Quanisha will walk you through how to promote your business with ease so that you are seen and known as an expert and authority in your industry. 

There are 3 mistakes most women make when starting their businesses that keeps them stuck with an expensive hobby.

Once these mistakes are avoided, finding the right clients is inevitable.


In no uncertain terms, I’m here to help you increase your influence, impact, and income.



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Hi there! I’m Quanisha Green and I am the Founder of Black Woman CEO.

As a business strategist for black women entrepreneurs looking to elevate their confidence and land high end clients, I take a unique approach to business, confidence, and sales based on the 10 years of experience I have in this industry. I have a graduate degree in Organizational Behavior & Management which really helps to create big transformational experiences for my clients who are looking for more than just motivation but results.

My work has touched the lives of over 20,000 women. I specialize in helping women go from lacking confidence to gaining clarity. My clients have gone from an inability to create consistent cash flow to being able to create revenue on demand using my research methods and proven strategies. I started this business because I was sick and tired of seeing black women struggle with their offers and sales and not being able to find a solution, knowing that they are meant for more and constantly falling short of their goals. This work has truly been one of my life’s greatest joys and when I’m not teaching or coaching globally, you can find me binging on Shonda Rhimes shows or hanging out with my husband and two sons.