What would you do with an extra $10,000 per year?

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One of the common questions I get from women in the Black Women Rise community is “Where to start on the entrepreneurial path?” The number one goal community members list is to have their businesses eventually replace their full-time job income in order to have the life they so much desire. Is that your dream?

Over the last year, I have done just that- Built a work from home business that replaced my full-time job salary. (This is not to brag, but to give you an idea of what’s possible. If I can do it, surely you can do it!)

What’s interesting is that approximately $10,000 of the revenue I generated outside of contract work has come through online clients and helping them to take their self-confidence and business to the next level. What would an extra $10,000 do for you and your life?

-Could you finally take that family vacation?

-Perhaps you would be able to pay off debt

-Or maybe you can finally be on the road to full independence

How was I able to do this? Looking back, I got my very first online client as a result of an online marketing campaign where in one week, 1000 women joined the Black Women Rise movement.

Because I setup a revenue generating system, I received about 40 applications requesting a call to explore if and how they could work with me.

What I learned is that when you have a clear understanding of your ideal client and an effective marketing strategy to attract people who NEED your services (plus the confidence to implement it), you can FIND people willing to PAY you to support and help them.

The hard truth is you need to IMPLEMENT A PLAN.

To help you do that, I created a brand new “Black Woman CEO Intensive: How to Attract Online Clients” Virtual Workshop to show you exactly what I did to build a profitable and rewarding online home-based business.

How Black Women CEOS Can Attract Online ClientsI’ll be teaching a special 1/2 day training called “How to Attract Online Clients” where I’ll be showing exactly how I was able to attract online clients with cost-effective marketing techniques.

This isn’t another “informational” workshop. You will have dedicated “Get It Done” workshop time so you leave the course with a few systems and strategies in place.

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This in-depth training will be RECORDED so even if you can’t make it live on Saturday, you will want to register anyway so you can take advantage of this valuable information at your convenience.

“Black Woman CEO Intensive: How to Attract Online Clients” A Special 1/2 Day Virtual Workshop with Quanisha Smith, MSS

Date: Saturday, June 11

Time: 10:00am-2:00pm Eastern Time

Location: Online, so you can join at your convenience!

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Here’s EXACTLY what you’re going to learn in How to Attract Online Clients:
Step #1: Identify
-A clear strategy to uncovering your ideal client and how you uniquely serve them
-How to tell the difference between who needs your service and who is willing to buy it
-Simple ways to uncover client needs and desires

Step #2: Attract
-How to create a sweet free offer that your potential customers actually want and will sign up for
-The many types of cost-effective online marketing tools
-The bankable difference between list building and lead generation…instead of just collecting names, I teach you how to make sure these are people who are effective clients

Step #3: Engage
-Effective online methods to build your “like, know and trust factor” with clients
-The top 3 ways to invite clients to explore a deeper customer relationship with you online

Plus, LIVE Q&A with Quanisha throughout the training to answer your questions!

How to Attract Online Clients <<< Register Now

Hope to see you there 🙂

Tell me: What would an additional $10,000 do for your life?

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