Do you put sugar in your grits? Here’s why I ask…

by | Black Women Entrepreneurs


As we start 2020, I figured it would be polite to reintroduce myself, even if we’ve been kicking it for a while.

Let’s do this by playing a quick game of make-believe:

Imagine a friend who grew up in the hood and she’s all-around smart (street wise & Ivy League “edumacated” with an advanced degree). Shoutout to all the MSWs!

She’s polished, yet boughetto (you know, bougie with some hood tendencies). Her music playlist consists of trap music, Beyonce, and Erica Campbell (I love God. You don’t love God..what’s wrong with you!)

She sips Moscato and doesn’t understand how people put sugar in their grits- Team #gritswithsalt all day!

She’s the one you call to vent about the micro-aggressions you face at work or about the Hotep dude you entertained on that date or about the spouse, whom you love, but doesn’t understand your desire to quit the “good job” and travel the world

Her advice is always on point (and you hate her for it). You rely on her to always give you the cold hard truth (in love of course- she doesn’t judge you!).

So, sometimes she hits that nerve- you know the place where you feel insecure and vulnerable. And the only reason you don’t cuss her out is that you know it needed to be said in order for you to grow and heal.

Now that you have this friend in mind, allow me to introduce myself because that woman is me, Quanisha- Founder & CEO of Black Woman CEO*Waves hello while saying “Hey, Sis!”*

By the way, I will often address you as Sis, even if you’re more “seasoned” because I’m your Sister in this- not a guru!

Welcome, Welcome to our little corner of the interwebs, the Black Woman CEO Global Network.

I teach/coach high-achieving and purpose-driven women, like you, to transform all those feelings of doubt, fear, overwhelm, insecurity, and not good enoughness (I know, this is not a word, but stay with me) into Confidence, Clarity, and Courage so you can FINALLY grow a business that leverages your unique genius and unstoppable passion.

Yes, you CAN profit from your purpose and monetize your mission without starving or selling out.

To be clear, if I – a woman born and raised in the South Bronx who struggles with anxiety plus a mood disorder and somehow always has a freakin’ typo no matter how much I proofread- can do it, you can too!

#FunFact: The first cohort of clients dubbed me “The Black Woman CEO Coach.” I loved it plus it resonated with everyone, so I made it our DBA (Doing Business As).

I’ll share more over the next few days. Stay tuned! 

For now, I want to get to know you. Here’s how…

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I look forward to seeing you in the AYA Network.

Peace & love,


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