3 Money Laws Every Black Woman CEO Ought to Know

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Releasing your money baggage is important to open up the energetic space to attract and create new money. Your relationship with money impacts your potential to achieve the income goals you set for your business.

This blog post is about money, money, money. You will learn what is money, how money has come to impact your life, and ways you can create a new experience with money.

As Black people, our history with money is a complicated and challenging one. When you consider the history of slavery, our bodies, our children, and our families were traded for goods and money. Although our spirits weren’t broken, money became negatively associated with greed, hatred, abuse, and power- a power often inaccessible to us.

Money became associated with oppression.

Like me, you may be the first or second generation to attend college or to earn money from a white-collar job (as opposed to blue-collar work based on your manual labor).

As a people with a history deeply rooted in Christianity, we also have problematic spiritual teachings that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Today, I am going to support you in reclaiming your wealth and money legacy by adopting what might 3 fundamental laws of money. This knowledge will help you release old belief systems that limit your ability to generate and attract revenue in your business.

First, let me share how these laws changed my life.

My Money Story

Before learning these money laws, I was a hot money mess. I racked up thousands of dollars in credit card debt by the time I was 18 years old. You see, my mother taught me that credit cards were free money. Though I attended an Ivy League University when I accumulated this debt, I still believed my mother’s teachings.

I know it doesn’t/didn’t make any sense given my level of education. But I held onto a belief told to me as a child growing up in poverty…one that I didn’t challenge until I shared the amount I owed creditors with my brother. He taught me new money concepts. From there, I grew an interest in mastering money.

After learning and effectively implementing these laws, I now have a good credit score. I have an emergency fund.  For 3 to 4 years, I was free of consumer debt… until I started my business (explaining why business debt is different than consumer debt requires a whole different post).

I learned the importance of paying more than the minimum balance every month. For a number of accounts, I pay them in full every month.

The biggest change these money laws had in my growth as a Black Woman CEO is that I feel more secure in asking for my worth in dollars. This helped me get off to a profitable start early in my business launch. I stopped doing work for free.

Are you still offering your services for free or undercharging for your work?

If so, then keep reading as this is one of the biggest mistakes we make as Black Women CEOs.

Through implementing these 3 money laws & the 3 steps to healing your money story, I guarantee you will not only revamp your money situation but add more ease to your life and business.

Before I share these 3 universal laws of money, I want to emphasize this fundamental principle:

Money is abundant, it’s not scarce.

“Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches; the supply will never run short.” –Wallace D. Wattles, Author of Science of Getting Rich

Law #1: Money is Energy

Nowadays, we see money as a tangible object, but in reality, money is a symbolic form of currency. It’s an exchange of value. A value that is based on perception & spiritual attunement.

In the hard sciences, we learn energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It merely changes form. So, it transforms from one form to another.

We misunderstand what money truly is: An exchange of energy.

It is the exchange of one service for another.  Money is a valid form of exchange, which is equal to any other form of abundance in your world. So if you lack money, it’s really a matter of energy blocks you have to clear.

For example, think of money as love. Love is energy. We have to open and heal our hearts to receive love.

Money is the same way. We have to heal and open our hearts to receive and attract money.

Also, money isn’t earned. Just as energy isn’t earned. You have to open your eyes and yourself to see all the value and wealth surrounding you as well as that which you possess. This requires you to releases those blockages.

Within the framework of this law, money becomes a spiritual condition. Why? Energy flows in our body on the spiritual plane. You can attract or repel energy of different magnitudes. Money operates the same way.


Law #2: Money is a Tool

Money is currency. In our society, money is something we use to define an object’s value or trade for goods and services.

It isn’t a mystical creature that defies understanding or capture. It’s how you perceive and utilize money that defines the end result.

Money is a means or a vehicle to manifest your desires (which are life’s riches). It’s a means to an end. Similar to how a hammer is a tool we use to help us build or tear down. Money acts in the same way.


Law #3: Money is Neutral

Money is neither good nor evil…Neither positive nor negative.

It doesn’t add more or less humanity to you.

As a tool, money allows you to acquire items or experiences that add to your happiness. Money itself doesn’t make you happy. Those who allow material wealth to define their self-worth are often the ones who get very little joy from the possessions they gather.

Why? You are a spiritual being. Therefore, you cannot be defined by the physical possessions you acquire.

How much money you have doesn’t define your level of self-esteem and worth. However, money is a good indicator of your perception of your self-worth.

Self-worth is our assessment of what we think we can garner in the marketplace.

There is a difference between self-esteem money and self-worth money. I learned this concept from my mentor, Black Woman Millionaire-Dr. Venus Opal Reese. For our community, I conducted an interview with her about how this concept particularly impacts Black women, check it out

Here’s what she shared:

Self-esteem money is what you would pay you based on your self-perception of yourself. This is self-rooted and defined by past experiences.

Self-worth money is what others will handsomely and eagerly pay you for the inherent value and the intrinsic worth you naturally bring to life. This means they pay you for the strengths and skills you uniquely possess.


The key to your worth is YOU owning and beginning to see the value of your unique genius… Seeing yourself as an asset.

Aren’t sure about your level of self-worth? Look at your bank account. Look at your pricing.

They are good indicators of how you view your worth. This isn’t to make you feel bad. Once again, money doesn’t define you and who you are.


Manifesting money is well within your capabilities.


We all have the power to live an abundant life. The first step is beginning to examine and heal your money story (i.e thoughts and beliefs) and establishing new truths.

It’s proven (Cognitive Behavioral Psychology) that our thoughts & beliefs impact our emotions & actions.

Our actions impact our results. So, that’s where you need to start- with your thoughts.


How to Heal Your Money Story

There are 3 steps to healing your money story:

  1. Examine your money origins
  2. Reflect on your current experience with money
  3. Redefine your money relationship

Once again, if you aren’t sure you have a money condition, look at your bank account.

Is it at the level you desire?

Will it allow you to live the life you want?


The key to clearing your spiritual maladies around money begins with exploring your root beliefs: the thoughts you formed about money.

Most of them will begin in your childhood.

I encourage to do this crucial self-examination so you can get where you want to be in both your life & business! Luckily, we created a Money Mindset Makeover training ($197 Value) with you in mind!

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