3,000+ Black Women Rise- So, Now What?

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I founded our community on this mission: To Help Black Women Rise & Take Charge of Their Lives and Careers. Now, that we’ve achieved “Super Tribe” status, you may be asking: What’s next? 


Many of you completed the community survey & here are the top results of what you desire from Black Women Rise:

Find Your Passion and Find Your Purpose

Advancing Your Career

And you want me to mentor & teach you (i.e. create online courses and offer individual/group mentoring).

These are excellent desires. However, you may be unaware of the critical action Black women millionaires and successful leaders recommend you take before you can find your passion, find your purpose and advance your career. Unfortunately, it’s actually a practice many of us avoid.The first steps you must take to capture your desires are to figure out “who you be” and the natural strengths you bring to any situation.

That’s all about claiming your worth.

From there, you leverage that knowledge to find your purpose, find your passion and advance your career.

Because I want you to have all the tools and strategies you need to get ahead, I’m holding a FREE webinar “Who You Be? 3 Steps to Discovering Your Authentic Self and Claiming Your Worth” Thursday, June 16th at 12:00pm EST >>>> Sign Me Up.

During this webinar, I will share:
*The #1 Mindset Required For Black Women to Claim Their Worth
*3 Strategies to Get Clarity on Your Values
& much more…

I invite you to join me! >>> Yass, Count Me In!

If you can’t make it, there will be a encore, BUT you must register to get the access details.

Hope to see you in the webinar!

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