5 Simple Ways You Can Position Yourself as an Expert within 30 days

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So, how do you become an expert? Well, you have to embrace your expertise and showcase it to the public. This requires you to own your knowledge. For women, specifically Black women, this can be a challenge.

While women consume a larger portion of new and traditional media, we narrate and create less of it. Additionally, we are less likely to be considered an expert. The basis of the issue isn’t racism or sexism. It’s rooted in our self-perception.

Researchers at Northwestern University found that in general, men are far more likely than women to share their work (be it writing, photos, videos) online, but when they controlled for “self-reported digital literacy” the gender gap disappeared. The researchers concluded that the disparity was a result of “self perceived skill levels.”

It’s all in our head. Women are thinking themselves out of public importance.

While there’s been an upsurge of Black hair and fashion blogs, Black women aren’t speaking as equally on general topics, such as politics, education, and economics. Black women are the most educated group in the United States. Yet we are the least represented in public discourse.

How do Black women begin to address this disparity in public opinion? Simply, own the knowledge. Learn the skills. Yes, claim “Expert” status.

Here are 5 Simple Ways You Can Position Yourself as an Expert over the next 30 days:Quanisha Smith Green Hawaii

  1. Write a blog post sharing a tip or 3 “how-to” steps on a topic relevant to your industry

  2. Submit a pitch for a guest post to your favorite blog or organization.

  3. Offer 5 friends your services or access to your product for Free or a discount in exchange for their testimonial.

  4. Submit a proposal for a Call for Speakers for a regional conference in your industry.

  5. Offer to lead a Free Lunch & Learn at your job. Share 3 effective strategies to do well in your department.

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