During the Profit Roadmap
Training, You’ll learn:

Why a lack of knowledge about business systems & strategies may not be the only source of your cash flow and start-up challenges (Hint: Our socialization is a factor!).

3 must-have items you NEED to generate $5K+ months and the SIMPLEST and FASTEST path to generating revenue.

An easy to implement roadmap for attracting high-value clients(…even if you’re just starting out).

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You started a business, but the income is inconsistent or you aren’t attracting clients..
  • You’ve invested in numerous coaching programs and “Do It Yourself” courses, but you’re still unclear about how to build a profitable business while working your 9-5.
  • You have a few ideas about how you can solve your revenue dilemma, but it’s been overwhelming to figure out where to start and what’s the EXACT problem

If yes, I created this masterclass with you in mind!

about the host

Quanisha Green, MSS is the Founder & CEO of Black Woman CEO, a global hub that has reached over 20,000 people since its launch in July 2015. Black Woman CEO helps high-achieving Black women, working in corporate and academia, grow in their confidence, clarity, and courage as business owners so they can live life on their own terms, work from anywhere, and FINALLY get paid well for their unique talents, gifts, and expertise. In 2019, Amazon Web Services awarded Black Woman CEO “Most Promising Startup.”

As an international leadership trainer and consultant, Quanisha earned a Master’s degree in Social Work and certifications in Organizational Behavior & Management as well as Master & Corporate Life Coaching. Quanisha has trained and consulted for the U.S. Department of State, the University of Pennsylvania, the Power Networking Conference, and with Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman- to name a few.

If you’re tired of the piecemeal approach to entrepreneurship preparation through countless webinars, online courses, and books, and you want personalized support with a proven roadmap, we’re the ones to call!

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This LIVE Masterclass will not only change the way you think about revenue generation