Black Woman CEO: How I Attract $5k+ in Monthly Sales While Working My Business Part-time (Receipts Inside…)

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It’s happening THIS WEEK! We’re talking about what’s often seen as taboo…moolah!

In this week’s Masterclass, I will be teaching the crucial steps to attract $5K+ months for your business.

These are strategies that I have personally learned and implemented as a result of years of studying business with six-figure+ earners AND Black women, specifically our unique leadership challenges & strengths.

Here’s how these strategies are working for me:

In 2019, I manifested over $60,000 in BANK DEPOSITS while working less than 15-20 hours per week, taking close to 60 days OFF, and traveling to THREE tropical locations.

The $37,900 I raised in funding is not included in these figures.

(Note: Don’t worry-the expenses included pay for me and my team).

And yes, these strategies have worked for others, too. For example, my VIP client, Dr. June, generated multiple contracts in a range of $7K to $25K during her first 13 months in business.

This week, I’m sharing the EXACT framework I use to train & coach my clients.

Why am I sharing this? Truly, I would love for you to walk in your purpose, honor your calling, and take your business to new heights.

It is my mission to have Black women stand in their power through entrepreneurship. I have a whole philosophy around this, but to hear it and get the juicy “how to” details, you have to meet me in the middle and show up LIVE for this Masterclass:

“The Profit Roadmap: How I Attract $5k+ in Monthly Sales While Working My Business Part-time”

Date: Thursday, February 6th

Time: 1:00pm Eastern Time


Here is a small sample of all we are covering in this session:

  • An easy to implement Profit Roadmap so that you can attract high-value clients within as little as 30 Days.
  • 3 must-have items required to generate $5K+ (even $10K) months so that you can literally change the foundation of your life & business.
  • Why a lack of knowledge about business systems & strategies may not be the source of your cash flow challenges so that you learn how our socialization influences our success

You’ll leave with: 

  • Clarity on what you need and want from your business
  • A deep understanding of the specific challenges that are keeping you overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck
  • Recommended next steps that will help you regain control of your time & results
  • Revitalized strength and confidence to be more self-assured in starting and growing your business

Session Includes: a 10-page downloadable workbook PLUS Laser Coaching time with Founder/CEO, Quanisha Green, MSS


So to gather all these nuggets of wisdom you need to take the first step and sign up for The Profit Roadmap Masterclass at the link below:


See you there,

Quanisha Green

P.S: I know that not knowing this profit process not only costs you money but also prevents you from creating your desired life and we don’t want that, do we?



Quanisha Green, MSS is the Founder & CEO of Black Woman CEO, a global hub that has reached over 20,000 people since its launch in July 2015. Black Woman CEO helps high-achieving Black women, working in corporate and academia, grow in their confidence, clarity, and courage as business owners so they can live life on their own terms, work from anywhere, and FINALLY get paid well for their unique talents, gifts, and expertise. In 2019, Amazon Web Services awarded Black Woman CEO “Most Promising Startup.”

As an international leadership trainer and consultant, Quanisha earned a Master’s degree in Social Work and certifications in Organizational Behavior & Management as well as Master & Corporate Life Coaching. Quanisha has trained and consulted for the U.S. Department of State, the University of Pennsylvania, the Power Networking Conference, and with Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman- to name a few.

If you’re tired of the piecemeal approach to entrepreneurship preparation through countless webinars, online courses, and books, and you want personalized support with a proven roadmap, we’re the ones to call! Discover how to earn more- on your own terms!

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