Last night, on periscope I led a Sunday Reflection to ask you: Who do you need to be?


Because here’s the truth: 

Who You are Now 

May Not Be Who You Need To Be 

to Get Where You Want to Go


do you know who you need to be right now to achieve your vision for 2017 and beyond?

Ask yourself: What values do I need to possess and what priorities do I need to set in order to bridge the gap between my present and my future?

If you’re unclear as to how to answer these questions and would like support, I invite you to join me for the LIVE Encore of “Purpose Planning 2017” this Tuesday, November 22nd at 7:00pm EST. ==> Yes, I want to plan my purpose!

One participant remarked she felt ready to have a powerful and transformative 2017 as a result of the workshop. I want you to have the same experience.

So, don’t miss out! There are only 50 virtual seats available and I’m opening the workshop to women outside of our community.



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See you soon,


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