Hey Sis

You’re going to be thrilled about ALL the updates I have for you today.


First, to those who showed up live for the Sister Circle event, you have my heartfelt gratitude for trusting us with your time and making it such a joy for our experts to facilitate the contents of their (rather wonderful) brain about processes to meet the unique needs of Black women’s wellness and healing.

WITHIN 2 DAYS, WE RAISED $2000- All Thanks to the 15 Trailblazing Sponsors who saw the value in funding Black Women’s wellness AND the 44 women (and counting) who registered.

By the way, thanks to your contributions, we gifted free tickets to over 31 women who are currently experiencing hardships.

Here’s what Rochelle P. shared about her experience:

“That circle was EVERYTHING! Thank you for creating healing space and I thank the Creator for your anointing sis (vision).”

The replay will be released on Wednesday, June 10th. If you haven’t registered, we’ve extended enrollment so you can receive access to session 1:

“Cultivating Mental Wealth for Business Success” Facilitated by Seneca Williams, LMHC.

Click here to learn more and register today!

Secondly, today I submitted our first press release via Black PR Wire. They are now in love with Black Woman CEO and our Meant for More Workshop.

Here’s what they shared across their social media accounts:

“Celebrate Profit, Power & Purpose with this amazing and powerful CEO! #BlackWomanCEO”

And here’s a snapshot of the company representative’s personal email to me:

“I was sooo excited and inspired by your release, that I had one of my designers create a social media graphic for it (image below). I have attached it for your use as well.  We have placed it up on the BPRW social media accounts (FB, IG & Twitter). We’ll also give it a placement on our homepage for additional visibility.

I am personally speaking with media and will be sure to pitch and share your release to them as well.”


To think: I almost didn’t send this release and was going to postpone the workshop due to recent events. I decided to move forward since the Sister Circle calmed and energized us. I know in my spirit we can commit to our business growth come Monday, June 8th.

Click here to read the Press Release.

If you ALREADY know Meant for More LIVE is for you but you haven’t registered yet, simply click here to save your seat

And YES, you must register again if you attended a previous workshop week.

FINALLY, effective June 2, 2020, Black Woman CEO® is an OFFICIAL United States Registered Trademark. Woohoo

This was a two-year endeavor (a story for another day). We’re so excited about this next-level protection for our brand!

Whew. That’s all!

Thank you for hanging with me through all of these updates. Lots of excitement and fierce energy happening within Black Woman CEO. I’m so grateful you’re apart of our community.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed due to all these updates, I want to emphasize this: Your best next step is to SAVE YOUR SEAT NOW for Meant for More LIVE! 

Praise for the Meant for More Workshop:

Meant For More (and Quanisha’s coaching in general) is a game changer. The concepts shared are relatable, and her highly personalized coaching style is empowering. She is literally able to meet you exactly where you are in your business development, and takes an interest as if she has skin in the game. The programming is results focused. She is worth her weight in gold, and then some. I highly recommend. –Michelle Ali

I hope to see you on Monday in our Black Woman CEO Circle Facebook group- the exclusive home of the Meant for More LIVE Workshop!


Much love,


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