Black Woman CEO: Get Known: How to Get Known and Paid for Your Expertise | Part 1

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Today, we have Part 1 of the 3 part series called “Get Known: How to Get Known and Paid for Your Expertise”! There is a tried and true framework that has been the foundation for Quanisha’s success and she’s sharing it with you in this episode.

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Quanisha Green, the founder of Black Woman CEO, created this series to teach you how to promote your business with ease so that you can build a system for getting customers that isn’t dependent solely on referrals. In today’s episode, Quanisha will share three mistakes most people make when they start out in business, which keeps them from growing and finding the right clients. You’ll also learn the 4 C’s of getting known – without these, you’ll still be hiding from your best customers. Be sure to listen in today, to get what you need to help you get known to your ideal clients!

We all have dreams. You might want to work for yourself, work from home, or even travel around the world. And like most of us, you probably also want to own your time and live on your own terms. Your business is your legacy, and in today’s episode, Quanisha talks about how to grow it, and how to increase your impact, your income, and your influence. Stay tuned to learn how to attract your ideal clients, and earn top dollar!

In this episode, you will learn……

  • For a deeper dive into the content of this podcast, plus live coaching, join us for the Meant for More Live Workshop, starting on September 21st.
  • The importance of growing your business, and letting others know what you do.
  • Why you can’t hide if you want to be successful in business.
  • If you don’t have a marketing system to generate leads for your business you won’t have a business if your referrals dry up.
  • Showing up and sharing what you do for your clients will attract more of your ideal clients.
  • The 4 C’s of Getting Known
  • 3 common mistakes CEOs make that keep your ideal clients from knowing you exist.
  • Right now, there are people who are thirsty for the knowledge you have.
  • Showing up consistently is vital to proving your credibility.

The Meant for More Live Workshop

Are you struggling to attract clients in your business? Is your income stalling, or you’re not generating as much revenue as you can because you’re wondering if people will pay you that much for your services? If so, you may be making a mistake that is a roadblock to you generating consistent clients. You could be seeing this as an issue or a challenge that’s about business systems or simply strategy. But that may not be it! There may be some underlying reasons, common to us Black women, as to why you aren’t achieving your desired results.

In our week-long online Meant for More Live Workshop, we will teach you the crucial steps to attract consistent clients in both good times and bad. These are strategies that Quanisha learned and implemented after years of studying business and Black women, specifically our unique leadership challenges and strengths. These strategies have worked for others too! Quanisha will be sharing the exact framework that she used to train and coach her clients.

During the week-long Meant for More Workshop, there will be live Q&A coaching time for you to receive customized feedback on your most pressing questions. The goal is to help you find clients now, and the crux of the workshop is to help you to increase your profit, power, and purpose. It is about you tapping into the more that you want for your life.

If you want to grow your business, go ahead and sign up for the VIP List at  to learn the full details of what we’re covering over the week, through five live lessons:

  1. The 5 must-haves to find clients now.
  2. The 5 powerful mindsets for more clients and cash.
  3. The fastest and simplest path to cash and clients.
  4. How to build a premium offer that’s exactly what high-end clients need and want, and therefore will buy.
  5. How to talk so high-end clients will invest.

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