Black Woman CEO News: $27,753 is the average receipts of Black women business owners

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Did you know: Despite the rise in business ownership, Black women business owners continued to have average receipts of $27,753 (National Women’s Business Council).

One reason for this issue is many of us don’t understand our worth. Also, we struggle to put ourselves out there and claim our expertise.

Getting paid clients ultimately requires an Ask. To ask, one has to do internal work to feel confident. Confidence is vital to securing work at the investment levels you desire & deserve.

Are you ready to Elevate your Ask and Increase your Confidence?

One important step for you to achieve your next level of success and consistent revenue is to invest in yourself so that you understand business development & leadership as well as you practice your craft & service.

Taking that crucial step to invest in my skills and knowledge with people who understood my particular walk as a Black woman entrepreneur changed my life.

To support Black women with rising into their next level, I created the Mind Your Business Challenge to teach the key components for flourishing as a CEO (one key is how to drive revenue).

To date, over 550 Black women leaders have participated in this 7-Day Challenge. In the change, you’ll get one transformational exercise each day for a week to help you ACTIVATE your inner CEO, strengthen your mindset and build revenue pathways for your business.

I invite you to check out the program as we’re starting the Summer 2017 LIVE virtual bootcamp on Monday, June 26. Register Today…[selz link=”” show_logos=”true” background_color=”#6d48cc” text_color=”#ffffff” link_color=”#6d48cc” chbg_color=”#6d48cc” chtx_color=”#ffffff” type=”widget” interact=”modal”]



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