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Yesterday, I had a wonderful conversation with a new Sister CEO. She’s just like you, she’s highly educated with many career achievements. I enjoyed learning about her journey as she left her corporate job almost a decade ago to find fulfillment.

She has discovered how to manage self-care, family, business, and community involvement (I need this wisdom). And you’ll love this: her life and business motto are “Live Life on Purpose Today.” Doesn’t she sound awesome?

Despite all this success, she has a challenge common to many Black women entrepreneurs.

Inspired by her story, I requested to interview her for our upcoming Black Woman CEO Success Series. Her response, “Oh wow. I don’t know if I would consider myself a CEO.”

After a slight chuckle, I responded, “See this is the issue with you educated Black ladies. Y’all will have 20 years of experience and not claim your expertise & CEO status. That’s why I work with you.”

She laughed and replied, “you’re right, Quanisha.”

How do you feel about calling yourself an Expert and a CEO?

When I started my business, I wrote a feature for ForHarriet.com titled How Black Women Can Embrace Our Expertise and Make Our Voices Heard

Due to changes in the site, you can’t see the many comments where readers shared they didn’t feel comfortable claiming the title “Expert.” I found this same phenomenon occurs with women entrepreneurs as it relates to claiming the title CEO. Why is this?

To discover the answer, two years ago I focused my Master’s thesis on this issue and interviewed experts such as Black Woman Millionaire Dr. Venus Opal Reese.

I discovered this challenge is rooted in our sense of self.

Unfortunately, many of us lack a healthy sense of self-worth due to historical, cultural, and familial influences. Our unique identity- the intersection of being both Black and a woman- compounds the issue.

You see, as women, we’re rewarded when we shrink.  As you know, when women stand boldly in our worth, we’re often called “Bossy” or the other “B” word.

As Black women, we’re rewarded for serving and putting others before us. When we stand up for ourselves, we’re often seen as “loud” or labeled the “Angry Black Woman.” Sadly, boldness for us can literally lead to death (think about sisters like Sandra Bland).

“Being a Black female is kind of this double negative working against you.” –Annie McWilliams

So, how do you become an expert and claim your CEO status?

You must embrace your expertise and showcase it to the public.

Research has found that it’s our “self-perceived skill levels” that prevent us from claiming and sharing our expertise.

It’s all in our head! We are thinking ourselves out of importance.

Do you know Black women are the most educated group in the United States?

“Fun” Fact: We are also the least represented in public discourse.

The Solution

Here’s my Black Woman CEO Success Strategy for you today:

Simply, own your knowledge. Stand in your genius. Unapologetically, broadcast your brilliance.

Do you still feel a bit insecure? Then, I encourage you to learn the skills you need to master yourself and your role as CEO and expert.

Here are 3 Simple Ways You Can Position Yourself as an Expert & the CEO in the next 30 days:

  1. Write a blog post sharing a tip or 3 “how-to” steps on a topic relevant to your industry.
  2. Submit a guest post pitch to your favorite blog or organization.
  3. Offer 5 friends your services or access to your product at an introductory price in exchange for their testimonial.

Are you ready to claim your expertise and become a ROCKSTAR CEO?

If so, I have very good news for you! This Monday, February 6, I’m sharing 5 Essential Steps to Become the Confident CEO You Were Born to Be.

During this live workshop, you’ll discover:

-How to overcome the common challenges we experience as Black women entrepreneurs.

-How to gain greater clarity and support on what REALLY is holding you back from achieving your business goals

-How to shed the unconscious “employee” mindset and become a Confident CEO

-How to determine if you and your business are on track to achieve your desired results

-How to genuinely connect & communicate with your tribe so they want to buy from you.


Hope to hear you on the call!



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