What Black women want most from their leadership & careers

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Black women are more likely than white women to report feeling stalled and that their talents aren’t as recognized by their superiors, a 2015 study titled Black Women Ready to Lead reports. As Black women, we are battling a dual reality of invisibility and silence.

The study reports what Black women want most from work is the ability to:

  1. Flourish
  2. Excel
  3. Reach for meaning and purpose
  4. Earn well
  5. Empower others and to be empowered

Yet, our desires go unmet. I discovered Black women are overrepresented in the lowest-earning and least secure jobs, as well as among the uninsured, the unemployed, and impoverished.

How do we sisters get ahead?

We must forge our own path. I found through my own leadership journey of taking charge, we must invest in mentors and resources that will maximize our leadership skills so that we can create the career and life we desire. Over a two year period, my former job- a premier statewide advocacy group- created two leadership positions for me at the top. Those promotions occurred because I utilized these major resources and strategies.

Although there are many challenges facing Black women desiring leadership, I hope we all can take heed to make my grandmother’s advice:

“There will be two things against you in life: You’re Black and you’re a woman. But never let that get in your way.”

To all my sisters in success, I leave you with this: Take Charge!

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