Black Women Rise: Do you know how to “Make It Happen” in Business?

by | Black Woman Entrepreneur, Black Woman Leadership

Have you convinced yourself that you’re “in business,” but all you really do is consume information?

You’re constantly seeking advice through webinars, videos, and books. Consequently, you’re overwhelmed by content and lack a clear plan on how to truly make it happen.

Here’s the truth: If aren’t implementing what you’ve learned and generating revenue, then what you truly have is an expensive hobby- not a business!

I’m not here to judge. As your sistafriend, I don’t want you wasting your time. That’s why I created a valuable resource to help know precisely what you need to generate cash & clients.

Introducing the Black Woman CEO “Business Kickstart” Challenge

Definition: “Kickstart”

Verb | \kik-start\

: To cause (something) to start quickly

: To give new energy to (something)

You can be a Confident CEO of your own business (…even if you’re just getting started). You simply need to know how to:

Get Clarity on Your Vision

Discover Your Soulmate Client

Create Your Signature Package

Showcase Your Expertise

Get Known for Your Genius

…And that’s what you’ll learn in the 5-day “Business Kickstart” Challenge.

Let me help you “make it happen” and get on the path to a profitable business. Register below…

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See you soon…

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