Black Women Rise: Are you ready to stand for yourself?

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One question I suggest clients and audiences ask as a means for self-reflection & introspective work is “What do you stand for?”

One way to rephrase this is “What are you willing to fight for?”

I usually provide the personal examples that I’m someone who will always fight for the underdog. I’m always willing to stand for my freedom.

I realize both of these statements are still facets of me standing up in opposition to a threat.

Fear has been a major driver my whole life and has motivated me to excel in order to save my life and escape harmful/abusive circumstances.

Recently, a friend suggested, “How about you take care of yourself first and give the rest of us what’s left over?” Emphasizing that I tend to give my best to others (in the past, this include causes & my job), my business, and my kids. Then, I make due with the little that’s left to take care of myself.

If you find your life is too chaotic to follow your purpose, to invest in yourself and your desires or to even provide/be available for your wants, needs or desires, then consider that you may not be standing for yourself.

Until you stand for you, love you, and see your worth, you may continue to put yourself last. 

Therefore, settling for a subpar existence where you are disconnected from your true self and misaligned with the great soul that you are.

Are you ready to stand for you?

If yes, join us in the Black Women Rise 21-day Revival. Allow me to walk you through a restorative journey to reconnect with all that you are & align you with your purpose are the.

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Remember, you’re worth fighting for. Take a Stand for Yourself!

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