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Have you really owned what you KNOW…not just what you do?

For example, I’ve helped people build 6 & 7-figure businesses and organizations.

✔️ I’ve written grants and programs that have secured over $600K+ in funding alone.

✔️ I’ve trained sales teams that have sold over 6-figures in ONE weekend. I’ve been a sales pro who has done that myself for clients multiple times.

✔️ I’ve consulted and trained for some of the most elite universities & organizations in the world- From the US State Department to US Embassies in Europe to Ivy Leagues & Tier 1 Colleges..

✔️ I’ve had people who raised over a million dollars and who funded million-dollar companies rank Black Woman CEO as “Most Promising Startup” out of a group of my peers.

Guess what? I AM saying this to BRAG because it’s MY truth.

If you want to scale and grow your premium business, you have to SPEAK & SHOW your truth.

I have Black Woman CEO® clients who have generated multiple six-figures every year who are AFRAID to say they were honored by the White House for their work -or- received National awards for their brilliance -or- consulted for Fortune 10 organizations.

Even these top-players still wonder:

❓who am I to do this?

❓who am I to say this?

❓ who am I to price this?

When we get to the core of it, it’s ALL problematic belief systems rooted in their walk as a Black woman and their own lived experiences.

So no wonder the program led by the non-Black woman thought leader only took you but so far. #RealTalk

Because this is not a “money blocks” issue -or- a think abundantly problem…

⚠️ This is a HEALING CRISIS!

And I don’t use this term lightly.

You started the work to uplevel, but until you heal the core issue (s), you will be stuck.

Stuck may be not surpassing the $100K or $250K mark,

… Stuck may be not valuing your work,

… Stuck may be not hiring high-quality team members

… Stuck may be not incorporating a 1:Many business model

… Stuck may be not developing a high-end program so you can land high-end clients

… Stuck may be not building out systems for consistency and that allow you to actually LIVE as you desire.

… Stuck may be not attracting a higher caliber client because you feel you have to be where they are to serve them.

So, do you want to stay stuck or do you want to own YOUR truth?

Your next level is rooted in you standing FIRMLY in who you “BE”!

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