It is hot here in Philly. I just returned home from taking my son to the park (for 3 hours) and I’m cooling off as I write this post to you. How is the summer weather in your neck of the woods?

I’m glad the weather cooperated for a very special event I had this weekend: My wedding.

Yes, my fiancé and I finally tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with our closest friends and family. To my surprise, we did something that many couples do, we wrote our own vows.

Have you ever thought of doing that for your wedding? When Mr. Green suggested it, my stress rose to a new level.

During the process of writing my vows, I thought of you. Crazy, right? Yes, I’m always thinking about our community and how to help you take charge of your life and take your business to the next level.

Like marriage, business is a commitment. As I wrote my vows, I thought, “What am I willing to honor and commit to in my business?”

I came up with these 3 business vows:

I vow to show up consistently in my business and for my community

I vow to honor my mission to help Black Women to heal and thrive by taking charge of their lives.

I vow to stay the course, focusing on my signature program until it reaches a superb level of excellence

Why these vows? Like me, you may find that it’s easy to get distracted by the latest marketing technique or an idea for a new product. As I’ve learned from my successful mentors, “focus” in business is essential for success. What I know and have taught you is that professionals show up every day, no matter what.

Lately, I’ve been working at my leisure. I have not been maximizing the very systems and strategies I teach and that have led to my previous success.

In a nutshell, I got lazy. It’s time to get back to revenue-generating basics.

You can join me in this by making a new level of commitment to your business. You can start anew today. It’s never too late!

Tell me- leave a comment below: Do you need to renew your vows to yourself, your mission and your vision? What commitment are you willing to make today to your business?

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