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I’m back from Hawaii! It was a thrilling week of masterminding and building a new vision for the Black Women Rise movement. One aspect of this elevated vision is to support more women in our community with taking charge of their careers through entrepreneurship.

Why Entrepreneurship vs. Job Promotion?

The 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report (July 2015) found that Black women-owned business are outpacing that of all women-owned firms. The number of black women-owned businesses has grown 322 percent since 1997. Today, Black women own roughly 14 percent of all businesses in the country owned by women (approximately 1.3 million businesses).

What’s even better? These Sisters are making money! 

Businesses owned by black women topped the charts in revenue growth when compared to other minority women-owned firms. Our economic clout is ever growing. To be sure, while entrepreneurship seems a viable option, it’s wrought with many obstacles.

Starting a business requires many steps such as identifying a need and raising working capital. Fortunately, one way to lessen the risk is to start a business while still at your job or leverage entrepreneurial skills for workplace success (i.e. intrapreneurship).

What I know for sure is that by discovering your values and strengths, investing in coaching and mentorship, and learning effective leadership skills, you can honor your calling and become the leader/CEO you are meant to be. Plus, I’ve supported many women in this transition while they still worked their 9-5.

Now, I aim to support more on us on this path.

How can you begin to create a new reality for yourself through entrepreneurship?

I discuss the power of vision and action in my latest interview with Rosetta Thurman, the founder and CEO of

Many of you are familiar with Rosetta. She’s my longtime mentor, coach, and friend. This year, I’m co-facilitating and coaching with her in the 2016 Happy Black Woman Empowerment Circle. Also, I’ve been the Program Director of Happy Black Woman since April 2015. 

Today, she released my latest interview as part of her special podcast series for Black History Month: 29 Black Women Entrepreneurs. >>>Listen Here

Here’s a description of the interview and access information:

Turn your mess into a movement, your pain into profit.

As Quanisha worked to rise out of her circumstances, she turned to writing.  She wrote a declaration that she was “stronger than this.”  She used this mantra and mindset shift to get back on her feet and into leadership roles. In graduate school, Quanisha became more and more aware of cultural struggles, specifically in leadership roles. She changed her thesis to examine the challenges black women were facing in leadership and organizations.  She found disturbing statistics about qualified black women being overlooked for promotions. Quanisha’s findings and frustrations followed her into the workplace.  She found herself bored, with the entrepreneur bug. She knew she wanted to help women and that it was time to work for herself. She combined her education and personal experience to develop and found the Black Women Rise Movement, rewriting her career and stepping out into a business opportunity. Click here to listen in to this inspiring and familiar struggle to the Happy Black Women community


I hope you enjoy the interview!


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