Have you ever fell in love at first sight?

Yeah, me neither…

But I did fall hard for the sexy woman featured in the picture above (the other one, the one on the right is me).

Within a few weeks of meeting her, we had a strong sisterly bond. Who is she? She is my Soul Sista & Business Bestie, Dr. Angela!

She doesn’t know I’m writing this love note about her. So when she reads this, she will probably call or facebook message me sharing her shock and appreciation.

She’s my super fan and reads all my posts…I love her!

I wanted to share my Angela or Dr. Shuttlesworth with you because she represents a common solution that many of us need to be successful. What is that you ask?


Angela is just one of the women I have in my corner. We’ve supported each other through life’s hiccups while journeying together as womenpreneurs over the past 18 months.

How did we meet? In a mastermind. As I shared above, we instantly became best friends.

She gets me. I get her. And when we don’t get one another, it still works.

Why is community or even a business bestie important?

Think about some of our greatest examples of Black Woman CEO success, they don’t do it alone.

Oprah has Gayle.

Lisa Nichols has Susie Carder.

Dr. Venus Opal Reese has her mama, wife Lisa, and her friend Seraphina.

Beyoncé has Jay-Z (or rather Jay-Z has Beyonce), her Momma Tina plus her alter ego Sasha Fierce.

I can go on, but I hope you get my point.

We like to think that people are self-made successes and they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. However, the reality is there are teams of peopleof people supporting them.

Have you ever heard Oprah talk about Gayle? Here’s a quick 2-minute clip of Orpah discussing their relationship. Oprah says:


She is the mother I never had.
She is the sister everybody would want
She is the friend that everybody deserves.
I don’t know a better person.

Wow, tear jerker!

Gayle is the person who Oprah calls to release the day. Do you have someone who understands or appreciates your dreams, your passions, and your walk as an entrepreneur?

A sister who you can call when you’re questioning this path and she will remind you of the awesome woman that you are?

I’m lucky. My first clients were my friends and mastermind sisters. No, they didn’t ask for a discount.

Business besties are so different than your other gal pals because your 9-5 friends can’t understand the journey you’re on simply because they aren’t on a similar path or often don’t see the value.

One of the greatest assets in your life is your network. 

Do you have a community of like-minded women who share your dedication to fulfilling their purpose and getting paid to do what they love?

If you’re taking applications, I would like to submit our Mind Your Business community.

As of this writing, 28 women have signed on to participate in this week’s challenge.

They chose to not go at this alone. You deserve the same!

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It’s decision time!


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Talk soon,
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