Black Woman CEO: Confessions of a Black woman entrepreneur who broke down

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A year ago, I found myself crying on my bedroom floor unable to think, talk, or breathe (…anxiety attacks aren’t pleasant).

Everything came to a screeching halt, which is the natural consequence for someone worrying and overdoing it for months…and with little attention to adequate self-care.

Have you ever experienced a time like this in your life- one where you couldn’t take one more thing?

…not one more broken household item

…not one more tantrum from your kid

…not one more unexpected change to your master plan (… come on, can’t the universe just follow our lead, geesh!)

Can you relate?

If so, then you know having an emotional breakdown or any unexpected emergency can severely impact your livelihood.

For us business gals, that’s our Cashflow, Confidence, and Credibility ::ouch::

How does one recover and get back to business?

Here’s what I learned (and am still doing):


Sis, I know it’s hard. If you’re anything like me, these situations trigger your inner Strong Black “Super” Woman. And the VERY last thing you desire is to share that you’re struggling, right?

Because, like me, you feel like a failure, worthless, stupid, not good enough, and/or ashamed.

Here’s the truth: If you want to bounce back and be well, this is not the time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps (cause you ain’t got no strings boo-boo)

…or read a self-help book (Iyanla can’t fix your life right now).

You need REAL contact with other human beings who can help you through this.

There are **two** types of support you want to seek out:

1) A Therapist– this helps you understand the underlying root cause of your situation as well as have a safe space to process your emotions.

2) An Experienced Peer– This allows you to connect with a fellow entrepreneur who understands the business side of what you’re experiencing. She’s also more likely to empathize with you.

This peer support can happen in a few ways:

  1. Formally, through a paid coach or mentor.
  2. Informally, through a friend from your personal or professional network.
  3. Communal (in community), through attending a retreat or event where you can get out of your head, meet like-minded folks, and feed off the group energy.

This is what I did to recover (and still do)- Total Game Changer.  Seeking help has allowed me to:

  • Understand I’m not alone.
  • Learn how others faced the same challenges.
  • Realize there’s nothing wrong with me.
  • Outline an Action Plan to bounce back.
  • Regain my confidence.

There’s so much more I can say on this topic, especially around business recovery. But today, I just want you to understand the first step: ASK FOR HELP!

Please Comment Below: You don’t have to be in crisis to answer this- Which type of support could help you right now in business (& life)? Go on, tell me. I’ll read every comment.

Peace & Love,


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