Black Woman CEO: 3 Steps to Convert Content Into Clients

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I’m officially opening the doors to our Content Creation Intensive (MAGNETIZE) to help you finally create effective content to attract clients.

I’m now accepting CEO Sisters for live access to the Intensive recordings, which means you’ll get access to the (5) LIVE weekly Q & A sessions- and you can ask me specific questions about how to create content for YOUR business. I will stay on the line until every person’s questions are answered.

This is your chance to learn…

Why Content Marketing is one of the BEST methods to attract people who are ready to buy.

A clear explanation of the business items you need to have in place to leverage content marketing.

Effective and proven content marketing topics, templates & copywriting (sales writing) approaches to eliminate the guesswork around content marketing for business.

A super easy method to overcome writer’s and content creation blocks.

The types of high-impact “call to actions” your content marketing must have to monetize this approach & close sales faster.

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up, draft, and design marketing materials- includes real examples of copy that works for me and our Black Woman CEO Clients.

A list of powerful marketing approaches to use when you have ZERO to a small audience/following PLUS effective “no cost” ways to leveraging other people’s platforms to grow your own.

Just so we’re clear: You will leave the intensive with content CREATED, PUBLISHED, AND DISTRIBUTED– working on your behalf to attract prospective clients…but ONLY if you implement.

We start on Thursday, March 26th, with our Orientation Call at 1:00 PM Eastern BUT everyone who signs up will get access to the recording.

If you’re one of the FIRST 10 women to enroll by Monday, March 23rd, you’ll get:

1) Private access to me through a 1:1 Power Session (Private Coaching Call-Valued at $250), so you can ask me your most pressing questions and receive a customized plan of action.


2) Bonus Access to the expert session, “Build it Like a Boss: 5 Essential Profit Pages Every Black Woman CEO Should Have” with online marketing master LaShanda Henry, CEO of Sistasense.


The MAGNETIZE Intensive is valued at $300, but we’re providing a Quarantine Special, where you get $100 off 😉 …Because why not? Ha!

Don’t miss out, and trust me, you want to be one of the women to register. I have some other surprises for you, and can’t wait to support you in building out your Thought Leadership.

Peace & love,


MAGNETIZE “Content Creation” Intensive Begins in…

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