I’m at this stage where I just want to create and express from the highest-level of myself. 

I have so much to say and so much to give.

The container I created, Black Woman CEO® is no longer the medium to share my gifts with the world.

You see, this advice helped me transition into “high-ticket” sales:

“Quanisha, focus on one thing and only one thing until you see results.”

The one thing I focused on: My coaching. 

And it paid off.

As the years rolled by (in year 7 now), I niched within my niche and focused on the problem of landing high-end clients and growing a Premium Business.

However, the content and our work always went deeper to Healing & Owning oneself as a Black woman entrepreneur.

Since 2020 as I hosted my RISE Retreats around this premise, women joined not just for the business training but the chance to have a space for their own BECOMING.

I realized that client attraction focus wasn’t enough.

And the Black Woman CEO® brand felt like a choker- suffocating my own BEcoming.

Restricting my movement and stifling. 

I remained there because as we know:

 “A confused person doesn’t buy.”

“Consistency is Queen.”

Consequentially, staying true to these business principles and my overall disconnect led to me becoming transactional in my interactions. 

That’s not my Spirit.


I have so much to give and if it doesn’t fit within a neat “niche within a niche” container, I’m okay with that.

I contain multitudes!

This isn’t about monetizing all that I am, but I believe there’s a larger conversation within my space that needs to be expressed and addressed.

Here’s the thing: 

I’ve already started doing so; 

Sisters have invested in it.

One of my call to actions: 

“Fund the Life of Your Dreams.”™️

As you may know, you can generate revenue and be miserable.

You can build a successful brand and feel unsettled.

Black women growing businesses come to me when they feel misaligned. 

They not only see the result of this misalignment in their profits, but experience it in their everyday lives.

Expressed within their internal beliefs. 

Unintentionally, restricting what’s possible for their lives and what they deserve.

The frameworks and methodologies I cultivated are much deeper than client clarification (we’ll still do this though 😉).

We FREE Black women entrepreneurs from disempowering belief systems and empower them to RISE Up and achieve true JOY, with the revenue to boot!


I share all this to say, Black Woman CEO® is closed. #forreal

The essence of the work continues under:

✨RISE with Quanisha Green, MSS

Over the coming weeks, the team is working on the tech & branding components. Can’t wait to show you. 

But I needed to announce this NOW!

As I prepare to return to business, I can’t operate out of alignment. 

⚠️ Oh, and please don’t feel the need to extend any condolences- lol 😉

It was a great ride.

And in a way, I’m more “De-branding” (as Jeff Goins terms) to just BE me.

So, here’s to OUR RISE 🥂

I’d love to hear your experience:

– Have you ever changed direction in your business?

– How aligned do you feel within your current brand/work/mission?

So I don’t miss your email or a comment, please post your response online (you have a few choices):

Peace & Love,


📸: RISE Retreat- Ghana 2022

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