Black Woman CEO Podcast: Death, Despair, & Entrepreneurship

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“Mental wellness should be a required factor while you are starting and expanding your empire. It is important to recognize and respond when your mental health is calling for help. Be your own advocate and do not allow the stigma connected to seeking help dictate how you should lead your journey. Investing in mental wellness will promote your inner-strength, and improve your quality of life. A successful CEO is proactive in seeking the resources needed to achieve their purpose.” -Leslie Garcia, LCSW

This month, I’m leading 30 days of Wealth & Wellness for our Black Woman CEO Community. Did you know women are experiencing higher mortality and morbidity rates due to a collection of factors researchers are calling “deaths of despair”?

This spike in mortality rates is associated with particular behaviors: abuse of drugs and inadequate attention to mental health conditions.

In this episode, I share how this unique phenomenon shows up for us as Black women entrepreneurs. Also, I provide 3 effective approaches to tend to your mental wellness.

Join us on April 24th at 7:00pm EST for Wealth & Wellness Community Conversation “CEO Wellness Solutions” with Leslie Garcia, LCSW- Founder of Counseling Space.

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During this conversation, Leslie will share strategies and solutions that speak to our unique experiences as Black women entrepreneurs. You’ll learn:

  • The unique ways mental health symptoms present in Black women 
  • Effective solutions to integrate work/business, life, self-care, and family.
  • How to stay well as you navigate being the CEO of your life and business.
  • Plus Q & A time where you can ask your pressing questions around wellness and entrepreneurship.

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