Discover the Power of Your Voice & Own Your Amazing with Dr. Denise Moore Revel

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Do you need help in finding and owning your voice?

Would you like to find out what it takes to become successful as a Black woman entrepreneur?

Today, we’re happy to bring you another Black Woman CEO expert, Dr. Denise Moore Revel. Dr. Denise started her journey of entrepreneurship around helping women own their voice as a professional speech/ language pathologist, and she does some truly incredible work in that area.

She is joining us today to talk about her journey, to share a behind-the-scenes look at some of the strategies used by successful Black women entrepreneurs to make multiple five-figure incomes, and to share some awesome tips and techniques for discovering the power of your voice, and owning your amazing. Today’s episode is going to be power-packed, so listen in to find out what Dr. Denise has to share!

Dr. Denise was born in Washington DC and raised in North Carolina. Her roots run deep in the South, so she refers to herself as an urban belle. She enjoys connecting with her family and her community, and she loves getting to know people, finding out what they are all about, and helping them discover who they are. She loves people, having a good time, and living life to the fullest. She has been living in the Washington DC area for more than twenty-five years, but she plans to go back South at some point, to reconnect with her Southern roots. Dr. Denise has so much wisdom to share with you today, so be sure to tune in, to find out how to live authentically, and find your voice.

In this episode, Dr.Denise shares:

  • Dr. Denise talks about her mission, and about the work she does.
  • Dr. Denise explains what motivated her to start the Own Your Amazing Movement.
  • Dr. Denise describes her area of expertise, and she explains why it is so important to her personally.
  • Why owning who you are, and showing up powerfully and brilliantly, are so important.
  • Sometimes, the help we need comes in the form of coaching or therapy.
  • Black women need to learn to own their expertise.
  • Dr. Denise shares some practical ways to step into owning your amazing.
  • Dr. Denise shares a valuable tool from the book she’s written, Own Your Amazing, Discover the Power to Create a Life You Love.
  • How Dr. Denise came to own her role as an expert and a CEO.
  • Dr. Denise explains how she decided to start her business.
  • It’s time to start making the connection between who you thought you were in the workplace and who you know you are capable of being on your own.
  • Dr. Denise shares some of the early challenges that she faced, and how she overcame them.
  • Some of the questions that Dr. Denise’s business coach gave her to answer, to help her get the foundation of her business in place.
  • Why it’s important to take the time for your self-care.
  • How planning helps you to attain your goals.

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