This is Quanisha Green, the founder of the Black Women Rise Movement. I am so excited that we are launching our Black Woman CEO podcast.

As the Black Woman CEO Coach, I am starting this podcast because I want to bring to a new stage the successes and insights of Black women CEOs. Yes, we’re going to have those who have run Inc. 500 companies, but we’re also going to have the everyday sisters who are generating five to six figures, getting paid, doing what they love, sharing their genius with the world, and showcasing their expertise.

So, I’m excited. I hope you’re excited, and I can’t wait to hear all your feedback as you hear these various stories.

My Background

If you don’t know me, like I just said I’m the founder of the Black Women Rise Movement. It’s a movement that has touched so far over 4,000 women who really wanted to take charge of their lives through starting a business.

My background is in social justice, community organizing, leadership development, all of these awesome things. I have a master’s in social work.

I have a master’s in social work. Let’s see, what else? I have certifications in Master and Corporate life Coaching. I support women who are highly educated, ambitious, and driven and want to make a smooth transition from being a full-time employee to being a full-time entrepreneur.

What I know…

I know that you want to eventually work from home because you have babies now or want them later.

I know that you want to build a legacy, specifically, a financial legacy. Most of all, I know you want to own your time and have success on your terms.

As a founder of the Black Women Rise Movement, the Black Woman CEO Collective, as a Black Woman CEO coach, I help you to get unstuck so that you can really stop holding yourself back and get in action, right, and actually starting to manifest and actualize this vision that you have for starting a business or helping you grow a business to the point where you’re generating consistent income.

My Results

I’ve been able to have that success for myself when I was working part-time, and now I’m a full-time entrepreneur. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur as of this post for two years, where over these last two years I’ve generated close to $90,000 in business revenue. It’s been really exciting. Through contracts, private coaching, consulting … I’ve done a little bit of everything.

In addition to me sharing the success stories of Black women CEOs, I’m also going to give you some of my own tips and tricks to doing well in this game. We’re going to talk about self-care. We’re going to talk about business strategy. We’re going to talk about mindset. We’re going to talk about systems.

Most importantly, we’re going to really talk about the key pieces you need to have in place so that you can consistently execute. Because you’re not going to manifest your vision, you’re not going to actualize your dreams, unless you’re in action.

Why Black Woman?

As someone who has a background in social justice and a master’s, where I have really spent hundreds of hours studying the particular challenges of black women when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship, I’m going to talk from even the research space to tell you how some of our challenges show up because of our unique cultural, historical -and even familial structure- and how it impacts us. Of course, black women, we’re not a monolith. Right?

We’re very diverse in our group. I want to say with that, though, there are some trends, you can say, right, or commonalities. That’s why I talk about us as a group from the research standpoint.

I have worked for women from the United States, from the East Coast to the West Coast, from Australia, from the UK, so black women globally. Many of us have been socialized the same, right, especially when we think about that image of the strong black woman.

These Black Woman CEO Expert Series, as well as their power strategies, the “Profit and Power” strategies I’m going to share with you, are not the everyday knowledge.

We’re going to go deeper into, really, how do you become the CEO of your life as well as your business? We’re talking about transforming you, helping you to rise into a new leadership structure so that you can generate profits but also just have a better life.

Really owning your purpose and organize your life so that you’re fulfilling your purpose.

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Of course, over the series of the podcast, I will let let you know what’s happening as things occur during our time together.

This is Quanisha Green, signing off. Go ahead. Right now, go click and listen to the next episode so that you can get some of this good knowledge and education.

Until next time, remember, Power is the ability to create your reality.

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