E03: Becoming a Legacy Builder with Shayla Boyd-Gill

by | Black Woman CEO Podcast, Featured Podcast Episodes

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From bankruptcy to multiple six-figure earner, Shayla Boyd-Gill, the Money Freedom Architect, is an EXTRAORDINARY and PROVEN business coach who shows family centered women entrepreneurs how to have it all – family, freedom, and affluence – while doing what they love.

Discover how she juggles being an entrepreneur with being a wife of 20 years, and mom of six homeschooled children.

In today’s show, Shayla shares some key success strategies. You’ll learn:

  • How Community, Mentorship & Support influence Business Success.
  • The downside of perfectionism to your business.
  • The elements required to build an Empire.
  • Why you should Craft a BIG Vision & F.O.C.U.S.
  • How to “Empower” your Spouse & Family to support you

Let’s Dive in!

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