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In this episode, we’re hearing from my dear Soror (DST) and best friend, Dr. Christi Monk.

Dr. Christi positively impacts and influences the lives of those she meets. She is passionate about training women how to amplify their influence, communicate confidently and lead out loud without compromising who they are.  

Dr. Christi is the founder of  Women with Beauty, Brains, & Boundaries, The Workplace Leadership Institute and The Confidence Suite. She trains women how to use their core value system so they are more influential, effective, confident and productive contributors in the workplace and their communities.  

By focusing on the core values system and regaining confidence, women are equipped to make the bold moves necessary to improve their career choices, communication style, interpersonal skills, and social skills all of which result in personal satisfaction.

Dr. Christi calls this Rocking Your I.C.E. (Influence+Confidence=Esteem) while learning to S.T.A.Y.  When women learn to S.T.A.Y., they:

Stand in their power unapologetically,

Take control of their thoughts and actions,

Assess whose help they need and

Yield to their authenticity

Dr. Christi is a Doctor of Management. Her published work is entitled Workplace Bullying – In Search of a Clearer Definition.   She is also certified in Workplace Bullying, Workplace Mediation, Change Management and Life Purpose Coaching.  A teacher by nature, she believes in lifelong learning and continuously seeks out opportunities to increase and share her knowledge in both the public, private and non-profit sectors.

In this episode, Dr. Christi shares:

  • How shrinking and “people pleasing” compromised her self-esteem and cost her two jobs.
  • How your current friend’s circle may be holding you back.
  • Explains why she identifies Clarity as the #1 must-have for entrepreneurial success.
  • The importance of vision and how mentorship can help articulate it.
  • Why Servant Leadership is pivotal to accepting her role as expert and CEO.  
  • Why it takes TIME to grow a business and the idea of “having it all together” is a myth
  • How to build a business and manage an active dating life.
  • Plus Dr. Christi shares what she REALLY thinks about Quanisha!

As you can see, she’s a POWERHOUSE.  Let’s Dive In!

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