E05: 3 Key Ways Your Story Matters for Business Success with Kim Coles

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Do you know that your story matters greatly to your business?

In launching our podcast, I didn’t fully share my story and what motivated me to start my business. In place of a solo episode, I’m releasing this exclusive training I co-led with Actress, Comedian, and Storytelling Expert Kim Coles on how to share your story for business success.

During the training, we lead by example and demonstrate how to tell a story that matters.

In this episode, we’ll answer some common questions and provide advice, such as:

1) How to tell your story without telling all your business.

2) What story to tell if nothing bad ever happened to you.

3) How do you get paid to tell your story (yes, people will really pay you for this!).

Listen today and learn 3 key ways to leverage your story and grow your business (even if you’re just getting started).

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About Kim Coles

As a Multifaceted actress, comedian, author, and speaker, Kim Coles has delighted audiences for over 30 years. Also as a sought-after coach and online academy teacher, Kim guides women with an entrepreneurial mindset on the incredible healing journey of telling and leveraging their own authentic stories to inspire others to learn, laugh and leave their powerful own legacy.

In her latest venture, Kim Coles is combining comedy and inspiration to empower others with her unique program called “Speak Your Gifts.” Through speaking engagements, live events, workshops, and products, Kim inspires others to discover their own true “gifts” so that they may share them with the world. Kim Coles currently resides in Los Angeles where she spreads love, laughter, and inspiration.


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