The Fear Factor: How to Stop Doubting and Start Doing

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Are you willing to do everything you’ve learned to get the result you desire?

Recently, I was asked, “What do you see as your key to success?”I answered, “Radical Execution”

In every single one of my business programs, I’ve implemented the assigned tasks.

Did I do it perfectly the first time? No.

Was I afraid? Yes.

Did I feel insecure? Often.

What I know for sure: Progress begins with action. Action starts with a decision.

My decision is to not let fear rule my life.

Most days, I rely on my curiosity to see how close I can get to the desired result.

This way, growth becomes a fun game: How many people can I help? Will they really invest this much for this? Will I get selected?…let’s see.

The worst that can happen is I get a NO. And I’m totally fine with that. Does it feel good to not achieve an immediate win? Nope, not at all.

However, I remind myself to feel the disappointment and learn from the experience.

I treat it all as an experiment. The outcomes are simply real-world feedback. From that feedback, I can make adjustments and try again.

If you truly want to succeed in business- just do it and do it afraid. 

Implement the processes others have found successful and see what happens. And be willing to commit at this level: “I’m doing everything my mentor/coach/course advises and I’m going to see what happens!”

At the end of the day, you’re worth it. Simply, you have to be willing to bet on you.

Tell me: Do you struggle with fear and uncertainty? Do you let fear impede your success?

Fear is a Silent Killer!

If you’re ready to manage it? Watch the video below where I share uncommon & high-impact solutions for eradicating fear’s influence over your life.


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