Do you constantly wonder how you can effectively balance work & life?

Starting a business on top of an already hectic schedule probably has you spinning in circles and feeling “all over the place.” If you’re a parent like me or a caregiver, you may feel especially overwhelmed.

I’m often asked how I balance it all…just yesterday I received a private message asking me to share my strategies. 

Here’s my truth: I don’t aim for “balance” at all! Yes, you read that right. I don’t strive for balance.

It’s been a challenging road- being a mom, managing a chronic condition while pursuing my purpose (grad school and now entrepreneurship).

For the past few days, I’ve struggled with anxiety and mood disorder symptoms so I had to alter business plans so I could rest and tend to my health.

But when I slowed down to enjoy the little moments like the one pictured above ( kids and I waiting out the rain in my car), I realized I’m grateful for every bit of this journey.

I continue to learn so much about myself. I hope my kids will see that life isn’t always perfect or exactly as we desire, but we can weather the unexpected storms with patience, grace, and high expectations.

The one factor that’s always under our control is our reaction. I live out my life with this belief: I know ALL is and will be well! 

With that, I strive for work-life integration. I seek to be in FLOW and give my best knowing my best will change from day to day.

Beyond all else, I aim to live in alignment with my values and desires.

I believe and train my clients that your business should support your desired life.

From day 1, we consider this when building our systems, crafting our schedules, and designing our programs/services.

How to Find Your Unique Work/Life Balance:

Answer the following questions to discover your own definition of balance:

1) What is the standard and transformation I’m seeking for my life?

2) How can I grow a business and serve my clients in a way that aligns with my desires?

Now, you have a vision for your unique blend of work-life integration.

Peace & Love, 


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