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Your Ability to Serve Others is Built on the Foundation of How You Take Care of Yourself. –Aisha Moore-Hughes, CEO of Self Care by Aisha

It’s June!

For our Black Women Rise Community & Black Woman CEO Circle, we’re having a “Self-Care Revival”

For the past few months, I emphasized income goals as I, too, focused on expanding my money mindset. As a result, two months in a row I generated over $10k in monthly revenue.

Regretfully, my self-care lapsed. Due to my negligence, I experienced anxiety attacks. Even worse, I ended up in the emergency room on May 31st unable to walk because of severe muscle spasms and nerve pain on my body’s left side.

Money is good AND Great health is better as physical, mental and spiritual weakness prevents the accomplishment of much that might be done in service of your purpose.

This month, it’s time to shift your gaze & set a big audacious goal for your health and well-being. Did you see my live video sharing how I shift from victim to victor? It’s pretty funny. I even sing!

During June, I’ll share self-care strategies that speak to our particular needs as Black women entrepreneurs. Also, I will provide complimentary virtual coaching (details below).

Here’s one of my “Life by Design” exercises to help you identify your personal self-care focus for June:

Step 1: Imagine

Imagine yourself happy and living the life you want, how would you be?

How are you spending your time? How are you behaving? What are you eating? How are you relating to yourself and others? What are you wearing? And so on.

Step 2: Brainstorm

What concrete actions could you take NOW to align your current reality with your vision from Step 1?

Step 3: Outline

Pick one action from Step 2 and break it down into concrete daily tasks.

Step 4: Commit

Schedule the tasks from Step 3 into your June calendar.

Comment in the Black Woman CEO Circle Facebook Group: What action do you intend to implement this month? Make sure you tag @QuanishaGreen so I see it.

Ready for more Self-care Support???

Join us in the Black Women Rise “21-day Revival: A Restorative Journey for Black Women.” Beginning June 12th, I’m available for virtual coaching in our private Revival Facebook Community.

Commit to your wellness in a safe space of like-minded women: Read below to Learn more & register here

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