Get Known and Paid for Your Expertise – Part 3: Discover FOUR Ways to Elevate Your Value & Visibility

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Do you think your expertise is worth more than you are earning right now?

Would you like to know how to get more visibility and earn more money? 

Today, we are bringing you Part 3 of the 3 part series called “Get Known: How to Get Known and Paid for Your Expertise”! 

In the first part of this series, we talked about some of the common mistakes that we can make as entrepreneurs for getting known and getting paid, particularly in our walk as Black women. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, you can listen here.

In part two, Quanisha, also known as the Confidence Strategist for Black Women CEOs, took a deep dive into the four ways that you can profit from your gifts, your knowledge, and your expertise. You can listen to Part 2 here.

One of Quanisha’s gifts is coaching, so she shared that she has generated more than $5000 within 30 days in multiple months, and multiple six figures in her business by just sharing what she knows.

Historically and culturally, the way that we are socialized, and even our own lived experiences can influence how we show up in business. 

In today’s episode, Quanisha will teach you strategies for elevating your value & visibility. She will share 4 things that you can do within the next 30 days to increase your earning power and be seen as a thought leader. So listen to the entire episode to hear exactly how to do it!

In this episode, Quanisha shares:

  • How to establish your thought leadership
  • How to recognize and claim your expertise
  • When and how to ask for remuneration
  • How to NEVER let anyone pick your brain for free again!



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