So you want to Get Known?

But are you willing to advocate for yourself as much as you have for other people, causes, or even your kids?

I teach my clients one of the mindsets and beliefs you have to take on in order to generate consistent business revenue is “I’m willing to promote myself.”

Truly, how else will people discover your services?

As Black women, we’ve been taught that if we put our heads down and just do “great work,” then we would be rewarded. Sis, let’s be real! Most of us work twice as hard to get the same as the next person. How has that been working out for you?

Meritocracy alone doesn’t work in the real world and it surely doesn’t work in entrepreneurship.

Yes, I want you to do quality work. Also, you have to see yourself as your biggest cheerleader. You can no longer be worried about being seen as arrogant or braggadocios because you have a purpose to fulfill.

Oh, if you’re afraid of being rejected, then you have to reframe your mindset around that too. What you have is not for everybody. A “NO” can simply mean a “not right now” or it’s a clear sign this person is not your soulmate client. That’s it! It’s not a personal affront or an indicator of your value.

Know this: your purpose is not concerned with your ego, fears or insecurities. In order to transform people’s lives with your genius, they have to know you exist. Right?

Go ahead: Give Value. Show up. And most importantly, Show out! 

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