Get Known: Discover TWO Powerful Beliefs for Client Attraction

by | Black Women Entrepreneurs

Today, we begin the “How to Get Known” 5-part series.

Before we dive in, let’s clear the space by taking a deep breath.

Breathe in for a count of four…1…2…3…4, then…

Breathe out for a count of seven…1…2…3…4…5…6…7.

How did that feel? Great, I hope.

Now, grab a piece of paper or open up a blank document or the note app-

Answer this:

What do you want to be known for? (go ahead, take 1-2 minutes to free write).

Now, answer this:

What would a successful business allow you to do? (take another 2 minutes)

How did it feel to articulate your vision? Eye-opening, right…

Understanding your WHY is so crucial to success


Working with Black women leaders over the past seven years, four of those being through Black Woman CEO, I know- at the very least- you want to own your time, work from anywhere, and build a legacy.

Equally as important, you desire to transform lives and impact the world.

Now, the question becomes how to do you actualize your vision?

Consider the previous visioning activity a warm-up. Because the first step to get known and paid well is to understand MINDSET MATTERS.

Our thoughts and beliefs influence how we value as well as market ourselves and, by extension, our businesses.

Helping Black women to become economically self-sufficient through entrepreneurship is my vision and mission. As the Founder of Black Woman CEO, I guide highly educated and purpose-driven Black women to generate consistent revenue by teaching them the fastest and simplest path to cash.

I’m able to do this work because I own my expertise and I’m willing to promote myself.

Let’s break these down…

Part 1: Claim Your Expertise

You must understand you are a professional who possesses a unique genius.

Believe me when I tell you: you know what the hell you’re doing & talking about. There exist people ready to pay you to solve their problems.

My background is in social justice, community organizing, and nonprofit leadership. During my first formal “Launch Your Business” program, the teacher told me, “Quanisha, you have a unique story and people want to hear it.”

I instantly thought, “Nobody cares what I have to say.”

The Social Worker that I am, a light bulb went off and I understood my belief was a problem. I deduced this was a self-worth issue. So, I went on a path to solve it.

Through investing in mentorship and coaching, I realized I have to be willing to stand for myself. I have to be willing to stand for what I know.

Guess what? It was a no brainer to debunk my original belief and shift to a more empowering paradigm because people were already hiring me to speak and consult. I’m certain you have similar experiences.

Currently, you are sharing your advice, opinions, and stories with organizations, friends, family, colleagues, and mentees.

Also, like me, you will have to let go of all the self-doubt, uncertainty, and fear.

Let go of what is truly an unhealthy sense of self-one born from societal, familial, cultural, historical, and personal (lived) experiences.

We have to see our value and worth both internal and external (in the marketplace) for business success.

Part 2: Be Willing to Promote Yourself

To get known for your expertise, you have to be willing to advocate for yourself as much as you’ve been willing to advocate for other people or causes.

We dedicate much of our energy to serving or promoting others. Now, this passion must be redirected to your awesome work.

Unless you have your own PR firm, no one is going to consistently market you and your work. As the CEO of a growing enterprise, this is part of your role: Chief Marketing Officer.

That’s where the belief comes in: I am willing to promote myself.

Yes, simply being willing is enough.

Once you are willing to perform an action, it creates a totally different approach to learning. You’re not learning to simply have knowledge. You’re learning in preparation for implementation.

One of the first questions I ask potential clients is, “tell me how you’re promoting your work? How are you showing up?”

The common response is “I’m not!”

Ironically, this is true even for the women generating revenue. Like them, you may be attracting clients through referrals.

Giving your power away through waiting on word of mouth and others to contact you because you gave them your card or posted on social media aren’t the way to go here.

Promotion requires action, not passive behavior.

Here’s the truth: Your business (your work) creates positive change, which means you are obligated to share your offers with confidence.

Our programs walk through five core Power Principles. But simply adopting these two- “I am an Expert” and “I am willing to Promote Myself” – will transform your mindset.

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