Are you struggling to put yourself out there? Do you hesitate to share your services with others?

Here’s the truth: Your gift is not about you. 

If you truly want to fulfill your calling and do the work that you were uniquely created to do, then you have to show up. You have to get out there consistently & daily.

Your clients can’t work with you if you’re nowhere to be found. They can’t have their lives changed if they don’t know you exist.

What are you believing about your worth and how is it being reflected in your actions and results?

Your job as the business owner/CEO is to show up through:

  • Connecting
  • Sharing
  • Inviting &
  • Offering

That is all.

Those who are meant to be in a relationship with you as a client will see the value and know/feel that working with you is their best next step.

  • Coca-Cola
  • Target
  • Starbucks
  • McDonalds

…and the services/offerings of many other businesses are not worth more than what you have to offer.

They show up every day, multiple times a day, in our lives with their messages, promotions, and offerings.

If you aren’t generating revenue in your business, then evaluate how you are showing up- not just in your business, but in your life.

So, stop being stingy and share your gifts. It’s through people that we earn the privilege to manifest our desires.

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