Yesterday was a very long day. I woke up at 3am the previous the night and never went back to bed…sigh

In the afternoon, I led an “Activate Your Purpose” Strategy Session with Michelle.* During our call, she shared something that I think many of you can relate with.

Michelle is a Black woman professional with advanced degrees and over a decade of experience in her field. Despite receiving great endorsement letters from mentors, serving on numerous committees, and taking industry specific professional development courses, she continued to be overlooked for higher-level positions. Unfortunately, all this rejection has impacted her self-esteem.

I asked Michelle, “What is REALLY holding you back?”

“I think it’s that I take the safe route. I don’t move beyond my comfort zone,” she shared softly.

She continued to describe how she has been in the same industry, region, and within the same “circle” for the past 20 years. Luckily, she had an epiphany during our call.

Michelle realized her resistance to letting go along with her unwillingness to be uncomfortable were hindering her from pursuing opportunities where she could leverage her expertise.

What’s interesting about this situation is Michelle has people who believe in her value. She shared how her sista friend suggested she create a business offering mentorship and coaching to other professionals in her field.

I share Michelle’s story because I’ve been where she is and I’m sure you have been too. You have felt stuck, confused and afraid to take the leap out of the known for your greater purpose. Ironically, the purpose everyone else sees and encourages you to pursue

Can you relate: Do you feel called to be or do something greater?

Here’s how I solved my dilemma and started to walk in my purpose:

I invested in myself through other people.

If you attended the “Who You Be” webinar, you heard me tell the story about working with Rosetta Thurman from Happy Black Woman. During a business preparation course with her, she told me, “You have a unique story and people want to hear it.”

But guess what? I didn’t believe her.

Now, I believed what she said because I trusted her. However, my heart didn’t believe that anyone wanted to hear what I had to say: “Who am I?” I thought. “Nobody cares what I have to say.”

I realized I had a self worth problem.

Think about it…if I had not invested in me and increasing my business skills in her course, I wouldn’t have realized what was holding me back.

In a recent interview, Inc. 500 winner, Dr. Monikah Ogando stated, “The ability to lead begins with your ability to lead yourself.” In this context, she mentions you need somebody else to tell you about yourself; someone else to give you feedback.

Because of that conversation with Rosetta, I invested in myself through another course to increase my self-worth with Black Woman Millionaire and CEO of Defy Impossible Inc., Dr. Venus Opal Reese.

Because of these initial trainings, I did the internal work and began to own my story. Also, I learned how to share my story in a way that communicated the unique value I had to offer.

As a result, I felt more confident and took opportunities beyond my comfort zone. With each step, I felt the fear and did it anyway. “It” being whatever the invitation was to be uncomfortable- i.e interview on NPR with only a day’s notice; train professionals in Europe; lead a press conference & call out the mayor on his educational policies [see In the Press].

Also, I got paid to speak and consult with organizations. These are just a few experiences that took me out my comfort zone.

But it all started as a result of me investing in myself. Here are a few recent results of my self-investment:


In November 2014, I booked my first keynote speech.


I started a private coaching business for Black Women Professionals while still in Graduate School.


In my last month of graduate school, organizational clients began to seek me out for services. Rosetta Thurman invited me to become the Program Manager for Happy Black Woman. (Update: As of August 2016, I’m the Head Business Coach at Happy Black Woman).

Black Woman Rise Leadership Guide

Last month (July 2015), I publicly launched my business. In a week, over 1,000 Black women downloaded my free guide: 12 Effective Leadership Resources for Black Women.


Last week in New Orleans, I won the Happy Black Woman Mastermind Sales Presentation Competition.


Last week (August 2015), I launched Thrive Management Services at the request of a few Black Women Entrepreneurs in my Mastermind. Through word of mouth only, I sold-out the introductory slots within a week. I’m still in shock!


I’m in total awe of this journey. I continuously step out on FAITH by taking the actions I feel God has called me to do despite feeling fear, uncertainty, and discomfort.

I am not unique! I say this not to self-deprecate, but to highlight that I invested in tools and strategies to help me be ready to receive these results. And you can learn the same strategies. Do you want the same for yourself?

Are you willing to move beyond your comfort zone by investing in yourself?

Are you ready to prepare yourself to receive and take advantage of the opportunities your higher power has in store for you?

Michelle is ready!

As a result of our conversation, Michelle acknowledged she needed to increase her confidence so that she could begin to own her value and start a business based on her passion & expertise.

She decided to invest in herself through our Black Women Rise training program >>> I’m ready to get started!

I invite you to take the LEAP and move beyond your comfort zone. If you’re ready to receive your destiny, Apply for  a FREE Confident CEO Strategy Session today!>>>Yes, I’m ready to walk in my purpose!


Peace & Love,


*Real Story, but I changed the name to honor her privacy 🙂

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