Black Woman CEO: “High ticket offers are self-care”

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This article is inspired by the Black Woman CEO expert session we had this week in the AYA Network, which is our private group coaching community. Aisha Moore, Founder of Self-care by Aisha presented on “Self-Care: The Missing Investment in Your Business.”

It takes as much energy to market a low ticket offer as it does to market a high-ticket offer.

During the presentation, Aisha said: High ticket offers are self-care!

And I realized I needed to emphasize: It takes as much energy to market a low ticket offer as it does to market a high-ticket offer.

Also, it can take as much energy to deliver that low ticket offer, too.

So, why not claim your worth?

This is one of the challenges Black women face when it comes to generating revenue in our businesses. You may be aware of the latest statistics: On average, the gross receipts for Black women-owned businesses are $27,753 (remember this is before taxes).

Unfortunately, recent forecasts estimate we’ll stay near this threshold.

Here’s the problem: We’re not positioning ourselves as high-value experts. And there are a number of reasons why. Here are two of them:

  • Confidence
  • Business Skills (esp. sales and marketing)

Feeling confident about the results you produce for clients and knowing how to communicate the value of that transformation is essential to positioning yourself as a high-value expert.

During my years as the Business Coach for Happy Black Woman (HBW), I discovered I had an exceptional talent at helping educated Black ladies (i.e. YOU) translate their gifts, talents, and expertise into a high ticket program.

Between HBW and Black Woman CEO, I’ve received feedback from clients who were closing B2C & B2B contracts from $2K upwards to $25K based on what I designed for them (and as a result of my coaching with them).

Out of curiosity, I posted a poll in the Black Woman CEO Circle- inspired by a similar question in another group with a majority of Black women entrepreneurs- asking “Have you created a ‘high ticket’ premium service or offer for your business?”

The majority answered, “Maybe (depends on how we’re defining high ticket or premium).”

In the other group, the question was “Do you consider yourself a high-ticket coach?”

The majority commented, “No.”

Here’s the truth: There’s no “maybe” about this question. A business owner knows if they have a high-ticket premium offer or not. You know if you are or aren’t a high-ticket service provider.

I say this not to criticize you- these responses disturbed me.

And I felt in my spirit a need to help more women create high-ticket offers.

I’m not one to ignore spirit & intuition, so in honor of Black Woman CEO’s 4th Anniversary, I’m helping 20 Black women to elevate their value and visibility.  I invite you to become ONE of them.

If you’re ready to make premium offers work for you and get into alignment and on purpose with becoming a high-value coach/consultant, I’m working with this small group of coaches/consultants to do just that.

Slots are going (this is not hyperbole-we received enrollments since I announced this on April 23rd).

I am opening up a pilot designed to get coaches and online service providers to develop offers between $2,500 to $25,000.

These are strategies and content that has been proven to attract high-value clients.

Join me and let’s increase your sales and confidence!

I will be launching this program publicly later this year and I’m looking for 20 women who want access now in exchange for feedback and personalized coaching from me.

** This is NOT free, however it is only 1/4 of the investment that it will be when it goes live to the public***

You get:

  • Access to content, training, worksheets to help you position yourself as a high-value expert
  • A step by step process to develop a high ticket and premium signature offer
  • Exclusive access to me for 30 days (not available when this goes public)
  • Feedback from me (not available when this goes public)
  • Personalized assessment from me on your offer and business (not available when this goes public)
  • A clear step-by-step path to creating a comprehensive “Profit Plan” so you know what to do every day in your business to promote your premium offer.

You’ll leave this intensive with:

  • Confidence to own your expertise and claim your worth.
  • Clarity to attract the RIGHT people who are ready to invest in your services.
  • Courage to communicate, both offline and online, how you impact & transform lives.

Want more info? Let me know by email and I will reach out.

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