Choosing “wellness” is an act of political resistance. Before Black women can effectively sustain engagement in organized resistance struggle, in the Black liberation movement, we need to undergo a process of self-recovery that can heal individual wounds that may prevent us from functioning fully. -bell hooks

2017 was a rollercoaster year. It ended with a rotten cherry on top when my best friend of 15 years died unexpectedly on December 14th.

Thankfully, my kids revived me for the holidays. I took the time off to grieve and reflect.

One thing I pondered was my annual New Year’s message to you (btw, Happy New Year!!).

Many coaches and thought leaders do a recap of their successes with instructions for goal-setting. I often share a hybrid how-to/inspirational message so you can get in action.

This year, I simply want to share how I’m strutting into 2018 with my head held high and free of baggage in hopes that you will feel inspired to do the same.

So, here we go…

Today, I closed the door on 2017. 

I examined lingering resentments, shame, and guilt.

I analyzed what I learned from them, how those situations served me, and why it’s time to let them go.

Then, I released them.

Now, I can move forward with crafting my desired life.

Some of what I plan to do:

1) Only focus on what I love.

I love Facebook and LinkedIn for community & social media engagement (& checking out medium).

I love to color, meditate, work on puzzles and journal for relaxation.

I love all things purple, maroon, pink & gold so you will likely see me rocking those colors often (with a few browns here & there).

I love a good movie, book & a relaxing Netflix/TV binge, so I’m going to organize these indulgences versus doing them haphazardly.

I love a good walk & lounge in the park and visits to the beach.

I plan to enjoy the above activities with my family & friends.

2) Write to Serve.

I love writing. Each day, I will sit down and write a message to you by asking myself “What does my soulmate client need to hear today?”

3) Create systems for home and business life.

I don’t care for routines, but I asked myself a common question I pose to my clients, “how is that working out for you?” And it’s not.

I break down and burnout from a lack of a self-care routines around sleep, eating, and health.

My house is constantly in chaos because I don’t stick to a regular tidying schedule.

My relationships with loved ones aren’t nurtured cause I always putting fires out and exhausting myself. The introvert in me then doesn’t have the energy to engage with others.

Despite knowing better, I rollercoaster through my life and business like I’m a college student pulling an all-nighter. I do these intense “make it happen” sprints and then I crash. That is not working out for me (or anyone in my life)

And I’m leaning on these wise words, “There’s Freedom in Systems.”

Freedom is one of my top values. This is how I can honor it in my life.

4) Follow through on promises

…and creating a system for tracking them.

Because of a lack of systems and the consequences of that, some things get delayed. Then, I forget to come back to them.

I’m making this a priority so that I may honor myself and my relationships.

5) Believe in my worth.

I’m worthy simply because I’m a child of God.

Due to some rather traumatic and insidious incidents, I formed deep-seated core beliefs that:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m unloveable.
  • I’m damaged and flawed.

I know those are distorted perceptions and have a lifetime of evidence to prove they’re false.

It took 33 years for these beliefs to cement (or rather my formative years).

I will engage in the daily work required to rewire my brain and maintain a healthy sense of self.

This year (& beyond), I’m operating from the place that I’m okay! Nothing to fix. Simply room to grow, thrive and flourish.

With that, I’m letting go of investing in “fixing me” cause truly I’m good.


These are the intentions I will break down into measurable targets for 2018.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my intentions with you!

I’d love to hear your intentions and plans for 2018. 

Simply, comment below or email me & tell me all your business 😉


Look forward to reading your intentions.

Speak soon,


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