How to Impact Thousands with Your Story & Gifts

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From the laptop in my home, I have the ability to reach thousands of people online through my social media pages and blog.
Is this something you can relate to or is it something you are working towards?

Let me ask you something…When is the last time you really felt you were sharing your UNIQUE gift with others? When is the last time you got paid for your genius? 
For a while, you’ve been wondering how to effectively leverage your story to build your tribe and a strong client base, haven’t you?

I know you want to reach more people, run your business easier, make more money, but you haven’t quite figured out how to do it without spinning your wheels or throwing good money after bad approaches in taking course after course.

If you’re ready to do something different, then I invite you to discover how to become a speaker & authority in your industry so that you can impact people from around the world…without wasting your time and stressing yourself out.

In the past two years, I have attracted thousands of women (over 3,500 women to date) who desired my trainings, products, and services.

During this time, my coaching & consulting services have generated over $75,000 in revenue with a small client roster. I know what it means to market high value services by simply telling my story in a way that attracts the right clients (…those who will buy).

What I learned is that I could leverage effective speaking and marketing techniques to build a work-from-home business without feeling salesy or like I’m bragging.

This provided tons of other benefits, including:

  • Impacting women from around the world with my content
  • Building a lot of buzz for my business and enhancing my credibility in my industry
  • Deepening and building effective relationships with women in my tribe
  • Creating lots of “committed” fans of my work

Guess what? You don’t have to break the bank and stress yourself out with speaking and business marketing strategies.

Most emerging entrepreneurs spend WAY too much money & time on social media and free speaking opportunities.

You get so overwhelmed with information and creating products or planning services nobody buys that you don’t spend enough time on high-return marketing activities, resulting in fewer prospects and less “qualified” leads.

That’s why on Saturday, June 3 in Philadelphia, Kim Coles and I will be teaching a special 1/2 day LIVE training called “Broadcast Your Brilliance” where we’ll show you exactly how we’ve been able to share our stories, captivate audiences and attract clients with simple cost-effective marketing techniques.

“Broadcast Your Brilliance: A Black Woman CEO LIVE Intensive” An Exclusive 1/2 Day LIVE Workshop with Kim Coles and Quanisha Green, MSS

Date: Saturday, June 3

Time: 10:00am-2:00pm Eastern Time

Location: Philadelphia, PA

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Here’s EXACTLY what you’re going to learn in Broadcast Your Brilliance:

  • How to uncover your GIFTS and position yourself as an AUTHORITY and EXPERT in your field.
  • A simple step-by-step process to tell your story such that it WOWS potential clients and doesn’t spill all your business or overshare your life story.
  • A 5-step process to discover who you’re uniquely created to serve so that you transform lives with your genius and only attract potential clients ready to work with you.
  • 7 easily implementable marketing strategies you can complete in as little as 30 DAYS that’ll help you standout for your brilliance.
  • And much more from our Dynamic Guest Speaker

Broadcast Your Brilliance <<< Register Now

Plus, LIVE Q&A with Kim & Quanisha throughout the training to answer your questions!

Hope to see you there 🙂

Peace & Love,


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