EXCLUSIVE: What if you could have done everything right the first time?

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What if you could have done everything right the first time?

Imagine just how far along you’d be right now. Actually, I think of that a lot too…They say you learn from your mistakes, but I say different – learn from MY mistakes. You don’t have to do everything wrong before you do everything right.

That’s why I am teaching a FREE Masterclass on how I was able to develop a successful business with a rather demanding life.

Looking back, there were three mistakes that held me back the most in entrepreneurship:

1. Overinvesting

Investing in yourself is something that you need to do to keep improving and keep learning. I used to attend a ton of courses without an end goal in mind until someone pointed out to me how I can use and share my story to make a difference. I didn’t believe this until someone believed I could do it.

How I viewed myself and my capabilities prevented me from fully implementing and doing my true passion. Invest in yourself but make sure that you are ready to implement and put to practice what you learned – believe that you are enough and you are capable of doing amazing things.

2. Self-doubt was my Enemy.

Even if I had all the knowledge, certificates, tools, and education, I found my progress to be really slow because I doubted my own capabilities – I didn’t think I had something to offer. It was only when I got help that everything became clearer.

It wouldn’t be possible for me to transition from a broke graduate student to a CEO who has generated over $160K in total business revenue while working my business part-time, if I didn’t ask for help from people who pushed me to overcome self-doubt.

3. Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed by tactics, shining objects and not focusing on one clear path or revenue-generating activities. I was too concerned with my insecurities and lack of self-worth that I focused too much on too many things.

Thanks to a supportive coach and group, I soon learned how to be hyper-focused on getting to my goals – whether it’s personal, business, advocacy, or financial, by having laser focus, a lot of amazing things happened in my life.

I can’t wait to share more with you during this LIVE Masterclass…

Webinar Date & Time:

Thursday, 8th August / 2:00 PM EST

You’ll see:

  • How I made $60K+ in sales in the last SIX months after almost quitting my business
  • My Paypal screenshots and a full story on my journey of 10K sales months
  • How many other women have the same issues and struggle that you do
  • Why a lack of knowledge about business systems & strategies may not be the only source of your cash flow and start-up challenges (Hint: Our socialization is a factor!)
  •  3 must-have items you NEED to generate $10K months
  • The SIMPLEST and FASTEST path to generating revenue.
  • An easy to implement roadmap for attracting high-value clients (…even if you’re just starting out).

With your grit, the right support, and the confidence, you can do it right the first time.

See you on the webinar!


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