In this time of changes, challenges and uncertainty Black Woman CEO Expert LaShanda Henry, CEO of, encourages you to work on staying positive, prayerful, productive and paid.

In an effort to support your efforts, she is hosting a week-long Maintain Your Momentum Virtual Training series with the help of some of her business besties (that’s me) and entrepreneur experts to help you get clear about what we, as women entrepreneurs should be doing now.

I’m the first expert on deck, presenting “Maintaining Your Calm and Confidence as a CEO”

In this Black Woman CEO episode, you’ll learn:

🔸The #1 high-impact method to position yourself as a thought leader in good and bad times.

🔸4 proven steps to overcome doubt, end procrastination, and manage fear so you can maintain your

 momentum at all times

🔸3 surefire ways to find clients now who are ready to work with you.

For the Live Event and Replays,

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