E12- Make Sense of Making Money Online with LaShanda Henry

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LaShanda Henry, Founder of Sistasense, is a pioneer in creating a space for Black women in the digital world. She has been mentoring start-up women entrepreneurs for over 17 years with learning how to make sense of making money online.

Also, she’s the event creator for one of the most powerful conferences for women entrepreneurs: The Back to Business Virtual Conference. Her mission is to inspire others to actualize their personal dreams and business goals through the use of technology.

In this episode, LaShanda shares:

  • Her story of leaving her job at the scariest point, while pregnant, to start her business.
  • How she took a piece of the digital world and made it her own, then mentored other women to do the same for over the past 17 years.
  • How she created the change she wanted to see by pioneering digital tech spaces for Black women.
  • A process for balancing the creative side of your business with the revenue-generating side.
  • Two key ways she positioned herself as an expert CEO (#1: Just Show Up!).
  • Practical systems that allow her to integrate family and business.
  • The importance of shifting your mindset in order to transition your business from side hustle to Black Woman CEO.

She holds a wealth of knowledge.  Let’s Dive In!

Connect with LaShanda Henry: www.Sistasense.com

For additional “Black Girl Magic”: Learn more about the Back to Business Virtual Conference for Women Entrepreneurs


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