Managing Cashflow During Periods of Uncertainty with Angela Randolph, CPA, MBA

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Do you struggle in the area of finances? Would you like to learn how to earn more money and have your business make more profit? Today, we’re excited to bring you an interview with Angela Randolph, one of our expert CEOs. Angela is a CPA, and in today’s episode, she will talk to us about her journey, and she will be sharing some tips and strategies for managing cash flow during periods of uncertainty. Even though we’re starting to come out of quarantine and social distancing at the time of this recording, you still need to think about strategies for coping with uncertainty because it happens a lot in business. Stay tuned to find out more!

Angela has been in the financial field for twenty-five years. She is passionate about living life to the fullest, empowering entrepreneurs, and providing them with the financial knowledge and business acumen they need, to have a profitable business. She values family, friendships, and relationships deeply, and she loves getting down to the core of what makes people who they are, and what drives them to act the way they do. That is why her work with entrepreneurs goes a whole lot deeper than just knowing the numbers. Be sure to join us today, to learn all you need to know about managing your cash flow during uncertain times and getting closer to the goals you want to achieve.

In this episode, Angela shares:

  • How Angela helps people get closer to the goals they are trying to achieve.
  • Angela’s mission in life and her motivation for doing what she does.
  • Black women are in the lowest tier of income when it comes to both race and gender.
  • Why you should look for a CPA rather than a bookkeeper.
  • Why cash management is vital for having a successful business.
  • The reason why creating multiple income streams is important for business stability.
  • Ways to prepare to sell your services and products in a creative way.
  • How Angela came to own her role as an expert and CEO.
  • Angela is developing a course on everything you need to know about tax-compliance when you open a business.
  • Some of the earlier challenges that Angela faced and how she overcame them.
  • How Angela integrates all the different aspects of her life.
  • The importance of setting goals, achieving them, and staying focused.
  • The right time to start hiring people.

Angela says that it’s not uncommon for a business to be a little bit of a mess when she first looks at their books, but she doesn’t want that to stop you from getting the help you need!

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