Are we friends?

If not, I hope we can be friends ’cause I’m about to #GetNaked

So Sis, here’s how we did as a company through the pandemic…

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This is rather amazing to me…

I was hesitant to share this. (It’s a screenshot of our Quickbook’s P & L Statement- maintained by an accountant so I haven’t messed with this at all, ha)

In a pandemic, my business did this in actual sales (these figures don’t include any funding).

As you may know, I value transparency and vulnerability, esp. around Money & Cashflow because we don’t talk about it enough as women in business, esp. Black women.

It’s Taboo, but Revenue isn’t this mythical creature.

It seems that the only time we hear entrepreneurs share stories is when they hit multiple six-figures in 2 days [insert eye roll] or hit a million dollars.

We did…

$108K in 2020

$73.1K in 2021…and at first, I was sad about this because of why I didn’t get to hit my 6-Figure goal: Illness, Grief, etc. But it’s still worth celebrating, darn it!

Here’s the thing: This figure beats the average research says a Black woman-owned business would make in 2 years by almost 300%. 🙌🏾

PLUS I have the skills to make my OWN moolah!


> Many of my clients had their best and most profitable years.

> They broke through mental blocks and reorganized their lives for more joy.

> They took more time off and tended to their self-care.

> Some launched their businesses.

> Some made money for the first time after being in business for years with ZERO revenue.


  • I led trainings for regional nonprofits & Bryn Mawr College, and served as Featured Panelist for Ryerson University (Canada).
  • I sold out (4) 5-Day Luxury Retreats (2 being international- Nassau & Ghana this March)
  • I hired an Operations Manager, Business Therapist for my community, and many Black women contractors.
  • We gave to charity each month to support a Black Girl Empowerment org.
  • I reinvested in the business & worked with some awesome mentors
  • I was able to pay myself a little something-something, thanks to implementing the “Profits First” method.
  • I took time off- some scheduled & some out of necessity.


I made mistakes…

❌ I did WAY too much at times and got off track.

❌ I created too many offers and disrupted our strategy.

❌ I also had program delivery, systems & operations challenges as we changed the mix or I tinkered with established systems.

❌ I burnt out (not totally the business’s fault as I had an undiagnosed health issue for half of this time).

❌ I overinvested.

❌ I allowed myself to get distracted by shiny objects due to insecurity at times, and other times out of a desire to play with the “Big Girls” as I was convinced that was the way to scale & grow.

❌ I didn’t always follow the advice given to me by my mentors or advisors…or rather it was more like I did listen…but later turned a corner without consulting them.

Lots of lessons going into 2022.


My Dear Sister on the RISE, I truly don’t share all of this to brag.

Although, I am darn proud of myself and my team!

First, I hope it inspires you!

Second, I hope you will join me for our upcoming Masterclass so I can show you how to generate consistent revenue in your business (no matter the circumstances).

Here are the Details: 

[Masterclass] 5 Actions to Start Strong & Rock 2022 with Founder, Quanisha Green

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About Our Founder, Quanisha Green, MSS

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Quanisha Green, MSS is The Business Growth Strategist for Black women Experts & Thoughts, and the Founder/CEO of the only business combining research and proven strategies to help Black women grow premium businesses and land more high-end clients. Quanisha has touched over 25,000 women through her work. She’s passionate about equipping women with the tools they need to reach their highest potential. She’s been a featured presenter, master trainer, and consultant for the PowerNetworking Conference, Happy Black Woman, The U.S. Department of State, Bryn Mawr College, and the University of Pennsylvania- to name a few. In 2019, Amazon Web Services named Black Woman CEO, “Most Promising Startup.” When Quanisha is not teaching & coaching globally, she can be found Netflix and chillin’, watching a Shonda Rhimes production, or hanging with her husband and two sons

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