New Level You Retreat


If you’re a Black female coach, consultant, or online service provider who is clear on her niche and has made some sales on these internet streets, then you probably already know that all that glitters isn’t gold and that in order to go from good to great, you will need both systems and support.So I’ll spare you any lectures or dissertations on that point.No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that is painfully obvious to your intelligent entrepreneurial mind…However, if you’d like to know how to grow a business without life priorities consistently getting in the way then listen closely…


But before I tell you more about that, let me make something really clear…

This is going to require some work on your part. Both before, during and after you spend these 4 days with me. But when you too, have a clear step by step strategic plan and the confidence to manage and lead your business like a pro……marketing and selling in an elegant, client attractive way that doesn’t involve you being burnt out and out of alignment. Well, it’ll be totally worth it.Why? PDFs, checklists, swipe files, and courses have their place but the truth is when you’re investing in them and still struggling in silence because as a black woman you feel have to, I take issue with that.

I’m issuing a cease and desist order effective immediately on the “Strong Black Woman Syndrome” that teaches:

We have to do it ourselves.

We have to depend only on ourselves.

We have to work twice as hard to get ahead.

How that plays out: 

  • You feel overwhelmed and all over the place.
  • You find yourself up in the wee hours of night working in your business instead of on your business.
  • You’re serving clients, doing your own graphics, marketing, copywriting, and handling day to day operations with little to no support.
  • You fully know if something happened to you, it would all fall apart. Your business would stop making money. Your family would become unraveled. Your livelihood would be at stake.


What you actually need is to stop and breathe long enough to realize you have everything you need to succeed and that you’re perfect just as you are… What’s truly missing is direction and clarity on who you are, what you want, and a clear plan to get there.Sis I’m on a rampage! I’m bursting at the seams and passion is seeping from my pores. I’m so fired up! I feel invincible and I want you to feel it with me…


The Next Level You Retreat


Spend 4 days together with me and a small intimate group of other like-minded revolutionary leaders and creators in an absolute VIP experience in 

Nassau, Bahamas

November 12th-15th, 2020

I want you to come and play in this stunning location for 4 days. The intention of this time together-aside from the obvious fun and shenanigans is to get you out of being Chief Everything Officer to Chief Executive Officer. We will unlock your true desires for your life and business. There will be no holds barred and we will smash through ANY BS that is holding you back. 

During our time together I am going to take you step by step through my Confident CEO Framework and you will:

Craft a schedule that allows you to generate consistent revenue and keep life in balance.

Transition from burnout to bankable by creating a premium offer that attracts high-end clients so that you work smarter not harder.

Plan for profits every single month so that you have a clear plan on what to do and how to do it without chaos and confusion.

Kim Coles


I’ve been in the business of wanting to serve people a long time. I feel like working with Quanisha something just clicked.. either it was timing or the way that she worked. I’ve gained clarity. I resonate with Quanisha. Being a tough coach, she said some things that were honest, but it didn’t seem like she was beating me up. It seemed like she wanted me to come to the conclusion: Let’s get you adjusted quickly; Let’s charge what you’re worth! Quanisha reminded me I have permission to step fully into my worth and the gifts that I have to share. I’m so excited!”

“Execution is Worship”

– Dr. Eric Thomas

As I think about that quote I feel my heart pumping. Excitement doesn’t cut it in terms of describing how I feel about being able to walk through this journey with you…NO MORE conforming to please everyone else.NO MORE playing at 99%NO MORE playing small so that others don’t feel insecureNO MORE doing everything all by yourself.The days of all that are OVER! 

You don’t have to stay there anymore…

So let’s talk about what you’ll be doing…

Day 1: Next Level You 

Time to express your ultimate desires. Whatever you are thinking THINK BIGGER. You have a blank canvas and ZERO limitations. This is your chance to paint the lifestyle of your wildest dreams. It’s time to blow the lid off the good life and shift into EXTRAORDINARY! We’ll have a private chef to provide us with a nourishing dinner, where you’ll meet and get to know your fellow retreat sisters.Then, you’ll walk through my “Who You Be” self-discovery framework to envision the Next Level You so that you are prepared for the remaining days and know where you are heading. 

Day 2: Next Level Business

Over the course of the day, you will participate in various workshop intensives so that you gain clarity on what you do, who you want to service, and how you want to serve them. You will:

  • Design business offers that maximize your timeand boost your profits. Most of the heavy lifting in sales is accomplished by having irresistible offers. When your offers are irresistible, there is no need to force or chase clients.
  • Organize a business system & schedule to support your life while achieving your revenue goals.
  • Align your sales approach to fit your personality and honor your values. None of this fake urgency and scarcity running rampant nowadays. Sales from this point forward will be as natural as breathing.

Day 3: Next Level Profits 

Now that you are clear on your offers, your schedule and your sales strategy, it’s time to execute and take action. You will:

  • Craft a 90 Day business & marketing plan so you always know what to do in your business.
  • Position yourself as an authority in your field through my #1 high-impact marketing strategy.
  • ​Implement systems for client attraction and service delivery so you’re setup for success.

In the afternoon, you will have free time to tend to your self care by enjoying the local beach or napping in a lounge chair on the private balcony.

In the evening, you and your new biz besties will go on an excursion where we will enjoy bonding, sisterhood, and celebrate all that we have accomplished so far. 

Day 4: Next Level Living 

Still on a gratitude high from the day before and all that we’ve done, we will gather for breakfast and walk through how to maintain your momentum and mojo.Then, you’ll participate in a closing ceremony to conclude the weekend and send you off peaceful and calm. But most importantly, CLEAR on what is next.

When you register now, you will also receive these valuable BONUSES:

BONUS 1: Next Level Prep ($200 value) Join in for an orientation session so that you maximize your retreat experience, set yourself up for success and meet your fellow attendees.
BONUS 2: Next Level Follow Up ($200 value) No more leaving events on a high and motivated only to be left on your own once you return. Join in for a private Q & A call 14-days after the retreat where you can share your experience since you’ve been home and get answers to any lingering questions or feedback on what you’ve done since returning.
BONUS 3: Next Level Support ($1400 value)
12-month Pass to the Black Woman CEO Network for continued support after the retreat which includes:
  • The Profit School: 56 Business Lessons on Profit Planning, Client Attraction, CEO Development, High-level Marketing & Sales
  • Exclusive Collection of Black Woman CEO Expert Sessions (with industry leaders such as Kim Coles, Arielle Loren, Shelly Bell, LaShanda Henry)
  • Biweekly Group Coaching Calls and Expert Q&A Sessions For Continued Hands-on Support
  • Implementation Challenges, Intensives, and Rewards
  • Templates, Worksheets, Guides, Swipe Files, and Resource Library

THIS IS NOT just another business retreat. 

THIS IS NOT just another women’s retreat.

This is not another 6-steps to six figures retreat that’s all rah-rah, fluff and no substance.This is an experience tailored to the unique needs of Black women entrepreneurs where you have nurturing and sacred space to work on both yourself and your business.This is the formation of a sisterhood with like-minded women who are ready to pour into you as much as they’re ready to put into themselves.

You’ll leave with actual systems, strategies, and a state of mind that will serve you for years to come.Plus you have mentorship from me, dubbed by my clients as the “Black Woman CEO Coach.” I get you and understand your walk as a Black woman leader and visionary. I will equip you with the tools, support, and accountability to flourish.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

  • Next Level You Retreat in Nassau Bahamas, includes Meals & Accommodations ($5000 value) 
  • Next Level Prep ($200 value)
  • Next Level Follow Up ($200 value)
  • Next Level Support ($8000 value) 

Total value $14000

But when you enroll by December 1st you get everything for 65% off its value for $5000*or a deposit of $1000.

* PAID IN FULL BONUS: Includes 2 (30-minute) 1:1 calls with Quanisha -AND- A Private Room and/or Queen Size Bed (First Come, First Served Basis).

About Quanisha

Hi, I’m Quanisha. Five years ago, I was exactly where you are. I started a business to serve the unique needs of Black women. Within 4 months, my services were booked out. While this was a dream come true, it was also a nightmare. Working 40-50 hour weeks to meet everyone’s demands, while tending to a toddler, being a wife, and maintaining my home became too much. Two months into this crazy schedule, I found myself on my bedroom floor crying uncontrollably.

Burnt out.Wiped out.Maxed Out.I had no more to give to anybody. I hit a personal rock bottom. At that moment, I realized something had to change or my life would never be my own…

And so, I went on a journey to become CEO of my life and business. 

After hundreds of hours studying and mentoring with the best in the business and personal development industry, I designed a life that allowed me to grow my business without feeling crazy and overwhelmed.I went from not knowing what to do to having a clear plan to reach my next level in both life and business.As a result:

  • I learned how to manage my time, which allowed me to grow my business and still tend to my life.

  • I shifted from doing everything myself to growing a team to help me get it done.

  • I grew in my confidence and raised my rates to reflect the actual value I delivered, allowing me to earn more while working less.

With these new skills and systems, I was able to take my family on vacation, travel for my own enrichment, and attract opportunities that paid me top-dollar for my expertise.I know how it feels to do great work, and feel like you just can’t get ahead. Also, I know how it feels to breakdown when life gets too crazy.That is why I created the Next Level You Retreat to give women, like you, who are overwhelmed and feeling “all over the place,” a sacred place to tend to yourself, work on your business, and design a life worth living away from the chaos and disruptions of everyday life.Real talk: Continuing on like this is long term suicide. Literally. You know you’re one crisis away from losing your shit (or breaking all the way down). Here’s the thing, it’s not your fault. As Black women we are taught to give our all to everybody and nothing to ourselves.It’s time to take a break and refocus all that energy you give to others and aim it at yourself. Sis, you’re no good to anybody else- your family, your clients, your community- if you aren’t good to yourself first.

Most importantly, you’re worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the retreat worth the investment ?

Yup! (Other people charge $10-20K for the same level of experience and training.) That’s the value, but I don’t want cost to be an issue here. The question to ask yourself is what is it worth to you to have more time, more revenue, more ease, and more confidence? Or an even better question to ask is what is it costing you to live in chaos, frustration, overwhelm, and/or confusion?

Are scholarships available? 

​No, I believe in self-investment and every woman has the capacity, creativity, and power to achieve her desired life and business. It’s a matter of reprioritizing and putting yourself first. A convenient payment plan has been added to make it accessible and accommodate various budgets.

What happens if I need help before or after the retreat?

Your registration includes the Next Level Prep session before the event, as well as 12-months of support via my Black Woman CEO Network- where you’ll receive training, coaching and accountability. There is also the Next Level Follow Up Session post event in order to answer any lingering questions and provide support and feedback.

I don’t have a business yet can I still attend?

This isn’t for you if you just have a business idea or concept. You will get the most out of the retreat if you have an expertise you’ve monetized or that is at least in demand (ex. You’re doing speaking or workshops for free, but you’re clear on the service you want to provide)

Will this work for me?

I believe in integrity and so I guarantee I will show up to do my part but it also requires for you to implement on the strategies taught. If you need to discuss the decision further please email to schedule a 20-minute “Business Breakthrough” call.

What if I have unique food preferences?

Every effort will be made to accommodate preferences…Prior to the event, my team will reach out regarding any allergies or restrictions you may have in order to ensure there are options for you.

What if I’m not able to take time away from my business and family?

Part of growing as a CEO is learning to work ON your business instead of in your business. Better question is: Are you ready to keep living the life that you have or are you ready for something better? If the latter, then it’s time to ask for help and communicate your needs (hire a sitter, communicate to your clients and anyone else you will be away and unavailable, allow your spouse to take over). This is something you are doing for your family not to them.

What is the refund policy? 

All of your payments are non-refundable however I do understand that life happens so if for some reason you can no longer attend your seat is fully transferable to someone else.

Who can I email if I have more questions?

You can email us at and our team will be happy to assist you!

The Next level You Retreat

Spend 4 days together with me and a small intimate group of other like-minded revolutionary leaders and creators in an absolute VIP experience in Nassau, Bahamas


or 5-easy payments of $1000

When you enroll, you’ll receive:

  • Next Level You Retreat ($5000 value) in Nassau Bahamas, includes Meals & Accommodations for 4 Days
  • Bonus #1: Next Level Prep ($200 value)
  • Bonus #2: Next Level Follow Up ($200 value)
  • Bonus #3- Next Level Support ($8000 value): 12-Month Complimentary Access to the Black Woman CEO “AYA” Network, includes 56 Business Lessons; Exclusive Library of Black Woman CEO Expert Sessions; Biweekly Group Coaching Calls, Expert Q & A sessions, and Office Hours for Hands-on Support; and Black Woman CEO Resource Library, Workbooks, and Checklists 
  • PAID IN FULL BONUS: Includes 2 (30-minute) 1:1 calls with Quanisha -AND- A Private Room and/or Queen Size Bed (First Come, First Served Basis)



“I’M ON TRACK TO REPLACE MY FULL TIME INCOME”“When I started working with Quanisha, my business saw an immediate transformation. Everything she does is designed to help us succeed: from the challenges to the modules to the weekly Q&As. Within 30 days, I attracted 4 clients. Now, 4 months later, I am on track to replace my full-time income. Additionally, I have increased my confidence, clarity and courage. Through working with Quanisha, I moved from having an expensive hobby to running a profitable business.”


“I INCREASED MY PRICING TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY”“Through working with Quanisha, I learned some strategic business principles to up level my business and change my mindset. I went from being overworked and spending too much time away from my family to supporting 4 women in a group program with packages that start at $1,500 each. Quanisha helped shift the way that I’m able to stand up for my business and get comfortable with my pricing to free up my time for the people who matter most. I chose to work with her because I knew that she had the mindset techniques and the business strategies to allow me to serve my clients in the most impactful and fruitful way. She is a coach that will always stay in your corner and be as invested in your success as you are.”

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