How Oprah Took Charge of Her Career

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Hey Sis,

Have you ever heard Oprah talk about the Color Purple? Once upon a time…

Oprah was obsessed with the book and the Universe (i.e God) brought the opportunity for her to audition for the movie.

Did you know that in accepting the role she almost lost her job?

You see, her work contract restricted her from taking a certain amount of time off. She had to give up 5 years of leave in order to pursue her dream- to act in the Color Purple.

Shortly after the movie, the Oprah show [then, AM Chicago] was so successful and her company wanted to renegotiate her contract. That is when her lawyer gave her this life-changing advice:

“You never want to be in a position when something is so important for you to do and you can’t do it because the Boss says you can’t.”

OUCH!!! Have you ever been there? You are offered opportunities that you can’t take out of fear of jeopardizing your job? I know I have been there.

Oprah’s lawyer provided her with a solution that day. He instructed,
“You want to be able to own yourself and make your own decisions about what’s important for you to do.”

This is the reason she took the risk of forming her own show.

My Question for you today: Are you ready to take the risk to OWN yourself?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten many questions from our Black Women Rise community about my unique story and journey to creating a work from home passion-based business. You’ve even asked how I’ve been able to do it so quickly (and if I get paid!)

I transitioned out of my job last summer to finish my last year of graduate school as a full-time student. I graduated this past May with the ability to work for myself. And yes, I get paid!

Now, I’m sharing some of my best strategies to help YOU own your career and financial freedom.

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