Here’s why you’re NOT getting paid to do what you love

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Let me take off my pearls and heels so I can put on my uptowns and get fully South Bronx for a second…Why? Cause Gurl, I need to tell you something ain’t none of these coaches and gurus out here gonna tell you.

YOU are getting in the way of you getting paid.

Take a deep breath & hear me out.

Look, I get it. I’m just like you. I got the education & the degrees. I’ve been at the top of my organization. But everyday, you’re looking at your “good” life knowing something is missing. That’s why you hopped on the entrepreneurial train, right? 

You know you can take all that education and the same skills & strengths you’re giving to your current job and start your own shit (yeah I’m cursing, telling you I’m getting full South Bronx in this one).

Here’s the problem, you’re not really committed.

Nah B… If you were, you wouldn’t let the kids be an excuse.

You would not let being tired after work stop you from putting yourself out there. 

You wouldn’t keep watching these damn webinars and implementing not one tip.  

You wouldn’t keep toying with the business idea or not implementing the training you actually paid for. ::sucks my teeth:: Why did you waste your money???

Here’s the deal…

You don’t need more information, you need to implement.

You don’t need a business idea, you need to package what you know.

You don’t need money, you need to make different choices with the funds you have.

And you don’t need more time, you need to set different priorities.

Sis, you also need to stop focusing on these chicks with the pictures of them on the beach in these Facebook ads claiming how they made six figures in a month while traveling the world…cause what they don’t tell you, even if they are truly making that much, is they are actually WORKING!

From their hotel rooms or villas, they are making offers, creating programs & serving clients. 

You still gotta do shit. And it takes a certain mindset, proper systems, and profitable strategies to sip a Mai Tai on the Hawaiian coastline.

How do I know? Because I was doing that myself last February in Hawaii. Believe me, it took work to get there.

“What cha need to do” is learn how to make your first $10, $100, or $1,000 offering your genius to your market.

Hear me on this: Pitching & selling at or for your job is much different than creating your own cash. You have to get over some mental barriers to do so.

Okay now that I sat aside the “MSS” credential that hangs out behind my last name, let’s get really real. (Btw, MSS=MSW)

You are Brilliant!

You don’t need to be afraid to show up. You don’t have to think “Who Am I?” to do the work you love.

Why the (insert the “F” word) NOT you? I’m not going too far with the cursing.But really WHY NOT YOU? 

You see these less intelligent people writing books and articles saying the stuff you say all the time. (Don’t get mad at me, you know you think you’re smarter than them. Don’t front!)

You get on these webinars and realize you could do it better. Ahem!

So, don’t speak about it. Be about it. ::in my P. Diddy voice::

Stop sitting on the sidelines and go do it. Stand for yourself and those who are praying for you. Go fill the gap in your industry. Shake things up!

For the love of God, stop being the best kept secret. That is whack and for the birds! 

You are TOO grown and educated for that…really you are.

You’re too grown to let your kids be an excuse.

You’re too educated to say I don’t know how to start. (Come on…Google is our best friend, right?)

And you’re too much of a hustler to keep saying “I can’t afford it” because I bet you’re buying Christmas gifts you can’t afford…That hurt right, just a little. I’m sorry (but not sorry). 

Guess what, those gifts ain’t getting you no closer to fulfilling your purpose and doing work you love. Boom! ::Spins around, drops mic & sips some Moscato::

I may seem out of character right now, but I’m tired. 

I’m tired of you not showing up for yourself. (Aarghhh!!!!!!)

Really this ain’t even about you hiring me or buying anything from me.  I would do what I do for free and I have, but “Not No More.” 

Gave that up a few years ago because I know my value and “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man!” (That’s Jay Z if you didn’t get that reference).

Okay, so where do you go from here???

This is what I would like for you to do ::putting my pearls & heels back on::

1. Get support so you can show up for yourself as a CEO. Join our Black Woman CEO Circle-free FB group.

2. Let’s talk!

Like really let me help you figure out what’s holding you back. This is the FREE value I give as a love offering. We all need someone, even if they’re only 1-2 steps ahead, to tell us what’s wrong & how we can do it better.

If I can help you, yeah I’ll invite you to work with me. But the truth is you need to know where the holes are in your current situation. Go ahead, click here to schedule a call.

You do have to fill out a brief questionnaire so I can have some info about you. Just do it, really only takes 5 minutes to schedule your call. I don’t bite (well, sometimes).

3. Stop making excuses for not showing up for yourself.

Don’t use the holidays as an excuse. Give yourself the gift of commitment.

Here’s my challenge to you: I dare you to create at least $1000 in the next 60 days.

I don’t care what you need to do (well, don’t go strip or do anything illegal). But act like your life depends on it! Then, use that money to invest in yourself.

Buy some FB ads, enroll in a training program or go to therapy. Just do something that will move you along in business. I’m going to check in with you on this!

Quick commercial break aka Reality Check:

If you aren’t ready to make 2017 the year you Dominate, Elevate & Inspire, please unsubscribe. I’m going hard for you and going in on you this year.

You are going to get longer and more frequent emails so I can really serve you (some may be short depending on the topic). 

I’m going to offer you my best work so you invest in yourself. Let’s be real: You know and I know if you have no skin in the game (i.e. Money if you need me to spell it out), you won’t show up for yourself. 

And if you don’t like somebody “selling” you something (hopefully, I won’t come off that way), you really need to give up being an entrepreneur or call me so I can help you get over that cause it’s going to be a problem.

If you can’t handle seeing yourself or if you’re not ready to Go Hard, then go on now, git! Unlike my Facebook page, etc.

Truly, I say this in love…I really do because you’re not ready or you don’t like my SWAG! ::Flips My Sisterlocks:: 

And that’s okay too. No hurt feelings. Not in the Community Yet? Well, come on in!

Still with me??? Yah!!!

Here’s to a year where you dominate, execute and inspire as a Black Woman CEO. 

Oh, before I forget-Make sure you move my emails out of your promotion folder to your inbox so you can see them right away.  

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This is Q-Deezy signing off.

Just kidding, my real name out in these streets is Sista in Charge…or just “Q”

Love you much!

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