Premium Positioning Lab

Get paid what you know you’re worth!

You’re A Black Woman That’s Confident In Your Knowledge And Abilities, But Constantly Find Yourself In An “Underearning” Cycle In Your Business.

Maybe you have multiple degrees…

Or a high profile corporate or government job…

But you know you were built for more…

You have the capacity to lead in a bigger way,

To earn more money for yourself and family,

To set your own hours and to control your schedule,

To be who you are, thrive, and be well compensated for your time.

And it starts by getting clear about your sellable expertise, how to package it, and what’s required to get paid what you’re worth. 

Today is the day that you decide to no longer be overlooked and under-compensated for your genius.

Hi, I’m Quanisha Green, MSS

I’m the founder of Black Woman CEO, a 20,000+ global hub of highly educated black women who are committed to getting known and paid well for their unique expertise. Our “Premium Positioning Lab” is designed to get coaches, consultants and online service providers to design & promote a high-ticket offer ($2500+) through our 5-Step Premium Positioning Framework.

Why Build a Premium Product?

I receive numerous messages from women seeking to create consistent revenue in their business, enough so that they can quit their jobs and build a legacy, but they do not know where to start despite having participated in numerous coaching programs and courses.

The problem is you may have learned a business model that solely uses time to calculate value, (i.e. 1 hour = $100) but that doesn’t take into account the years of skill, hours of preparation, and the results that you can get your clients.

I’m here to tell you there is a better way. A way that allows you to get compensated for the value and transformation you provide. And this is why I created the Premium Positioning Lab.

You need an offer that allows you to leverage your time, honor your expertise, and positions you as the high-value expert that you are.

And the way to do that is to begin to see yourself as the Tiffany of your industry with exclusivity, to position yourself as the Oprah of your company with high-level boss moves, and the Beyonce of your work with premium positioning.

I want to invite you into the Premium Positioning Lab.

Let’s work together to get your business in order.

What you can expect…


Premium Mindset Makeover

Examining your internal money beliefs and redefining them so they align with your desires are essential to developing as a CEO.

  • Discover Three Vital Money Laws

  • Participate in a Three-step Process to Heal Your Money Story

  • Examine Your Money Origins

  • Reflect on Your Current Experience with Money

  • Redefine Your Relationship with Money


​Premium Client Attraction

The first step to developing a Premium Offer is getting clarity on your client.

  • How to Attract High Value Clients

  • 9 Key Questions to Answer for Client Clarity

  • How to Find Your Client’s Needs and Desires

  • How to Talk to Connect with High-end Clients

  • An 11-page Client Discovery Workbook


​Premium Offer Creation

Learn a step by step process to creating and branding your Premium “Signature” Offer. 

  • Why Package Premium Offers

  • How to Present & Sell Your Offer

  • Pricing Options for Premium Offers

  • How to Sweeten the Deal with Bonuses

  • How to Deliver Your Offer and Wow Your Clients

  • A 4-page Premium “Signature” Offering Worksheet: Walks you through How to Name, Outline, Organize, and Brand Your Offer.


Premium CLIENT Enrollment

Learn our proven strategy to enroll clients and close the deal. 

  • Get in Formation: Developing a Premium Sales Mindset

  • Leading an Enrollment Conversation

  • A 6-page “Get Paid” Guide includes tested Sales Scripts for Three types of Enrollment Conversations: 30-min Strategy Session Calls; Laser Consultation Calls; 20-minute Coaching Calls.


​Premium Promotion & Platform Building

Discover how to become a Thought Leader and build an expert platform through captivating content.

  • Discover Three Ways to Build An Audience 

  • Learn 5 Content Creation Methods

  • Includes Content Templates and Swipe Files for Guest Posting, Pitching, Original Articles, and Curating Content.


Premium positioning ​Live Calls

  • Hands on Group Sessions with Black Woman CEO Founder, Quanisha Green, MSS

  • Implementation Clinics to “Get It Done”

  • Group Masterminds

  • Spotlight Laser Coaching for Individual Support


“Next Level You” Retreat

  • Spend 4 days together with me and a small intimate group of other like-minded revolutionary leaders and creators in an absolute VIP experience in Nassau, Bahamas, November 12th-15th, 2020

  • During our time together I am going to take you step by step through my Confident CEO Framework, you will:

  • Craft a schedule that allows you to generate consistent revenue and keep life in balance.

  • Transition from burnout to bankable by creating a premium offer that attracts high-end clients so that you work smarter not harder
  • Plan for profits every single month so that you have a clear plan on what to do and how to do it without chaos and confusion
  • Plus much more.

Bonus #1: Three Premium Marketing Masterclasses ($1000 Value)

Write to Sell: 

How to Create Content that Captivates & Converts.

Webinars That Matter: 

How to Monetize Your Magic through Masterclasses

Facebook Ads 101:

How to Leverage Facebook to Magnetize Your Market.

Bonus #2: LAUNCH YOUR WEBSITE BOOTCAMP ($11,000 Value)

Digital On-Demand Access to “Launch Your Website” Bootcamp

  • Instant access to the entire Launch Your Website Bootcamp system to build your client-attracting WordPress website with Melody Thomas

  • Support in private Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to the course + future updates

  • BONUS: Five templates and worksheets (all valued at $588)

    • Client Testimony Worksheet

    • Highly Recommended Resources for a Profitable Website

    • Tips and Tricks to Take Awesome Photos for Your Website

    • Identify Your Ideal Client/Customer for Your Website

    • Customizable GDPR Privacy Policy Template
  • BONUS! Six-Figure Copywriter Tepsii’s “About Me to Pay Me” Fillable Template


Bonus #3: The $25K Proposal ($1000 Value)

Digital Access to “The $25K Proposal” Intensive

  • Learn to write high-quality, kick-ass proposals that impress and secure corporate clients

  • Identify strategies to find corporate clients who are looking for you…in your field!

  • The elements of well-crafted high-ticket proposals that get results

  • BONUS: Receive a user-friendly proposal template designed to secure the $25K contract…every time

  • BONUS: Receive an 11-page sample proposal you can repurpose for your business

Bonus #4: 12-month Membership to the Black Woman CEO AYA Network ($8000 Value)

Membership has its privileges…

  • The Profit School: 56 Business Lessons on Profit Planning, Client Attraction, CEO Development, High-level Marketing & Sales
  • Exclusive Library of Black Woman CEO Expert Sessions (ex. Kim Coles, Arielle Loren, Shelly Bell, LaShanda Henry)
  • Biweekly Group Coaching Calls and Expert Q & A sessions for Hands-on Support
  • Implementation Challenges, Intensives, and Rewards
  • Templates, Worksheets, Guides, Swipe Files, and Resource Library

But let me keep it real with you…I can teach you all of this but if you’re not committed to doing the work, then there’s nothing I can do to pull you out of underearning as an entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are,

Or how many advanced degrees you have.

Creating a premium offer requires a completely different mindset and strategy in your business, and you have to be committed to learning it.

​So let me ask you, what would you pay to be able to transform lives while still being able to achieve your own dreams?

It’s time for you to honor yourself by position yourself as the high-value leader you are.

I could easily charge $10,000 to help you create a premium offer and business that generates a minimum of $100,000 a year.

But I really want you to win sis, and I’m invested in going along that journey with you. So instead of $40,000 or even $20,000, I’m going to give you this program for 75% off it’s value for $10,000 or a deposit of $1200.

Enrollment Closes in:


RANGE OF $7K TO $25K” 

“Quanisha is more than a coach she is a friend, a mentor, and an encouraging spirit. She has connected with me and shined a light that has helped me grow. That growth has extended into other areas of my life. Since working with her, I’ve been able to book multiple contracts in the range of $7K to $25K for my work.  I am excited to take risks and, now, I am seeing exceptional results. I am growing toward my dreams and I wouldn’t want anyone else to lead me on this journey. I would recommend Quanisha every day of the week and twice on Sundays. She is gifted as much as she is a blessing.”


“I’M ON TRACK TO REPLACE MY FULL TIME INCOME”“When I started working with Quanisha, my business saw an immediate transformation. Everything she does is designed to help us succeed: from the challenges to the modules to the weekly Q&As. Within 30 days, I attracted 4 clients. Now, 4 months later, I am on track to replace my full-time income. Additionally, I have increased my confidence, clarity and courage. Through working with Quanisha, I moved from having an expensive hobby to running a profitable business.”


Trade on value and position yourself as a high-value brand/leader/expert through building a premium offer.Transition to positioning yourself as a High-value leader through a premium offer. ​​A Premium Offer allows you charge high-ticket because you are trading on the value of the transformation you provide instead of the time it takes to execute your work.This begins with your seeing yourself as worthy of being compensated at the highest levels. This begins with you understanding that trading dollars for hours is a fast-lane to burnout, revenue stagnation, and resentment.


“I INCREASED MY PRICES FROM $99 to $2,000““Quanisha has helped me to bust through limiting beliefs about my worth, my abilities, and money. I went from charging $99 for a 4 session package (I know, crazy!) to charging $2,000 for the same amount of time using a signature package strategy developed by Quanisha. Now, I’m confident that I have the skills and the roadmap to continue seeing success in my business. If you are ready to get serious about building your business, then trust me, Quanisha is definitely the right coach for you!”


“I INCREASED MY PRICING TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY”“Through working with Quanisha, I learned some strategic business principles to up level my business and change my mindset. I went from being overworked and spending too much time away from my family to supporting 4 women in a group program with packages that start at $1,500 each. Quanisha helped shift the way that I’m able to stand up for my business and get comfortable with my pricing to free up my time for the people who matter most. I chose to work with her because I knew that she had the mindset techniques and the business strategies to allow me to serve my clients in the most impactful and fruitful way. She is a coach that will always stay in your corner and be as invested in your success as you are.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Lab start and finish?

Access to The Premium Positioning Lab starts on March 2nd. Immediately, you’ll access to the virtual group and on-demand prep work- you decide when you start and when you finish. Please note: The live training sessions + virtual coaching + Live “Get It Done” calls with Quanisha Green, MSS, begins the week of March 2nd and February 28th

How long do I have access to the Lab?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the Premium Positioning lab and the AYA network for as long as you like with an active (paid) membership – across any and all devices you own. The complimentary membership expires 12-months from your enrollment date and you can elect to maintain access month-to-month thereafter.

Will this work for me?

I believe in integrity and so I guarantee I will show up to do my part but it also requires for you to implement on the strategies taught. If you need to discuss the decision further please email to schedule a 20-minute “Business Breakthrough” call.

I don’t have a business yet can I still enroll?

You will get the most out of the Lab if you have an expertise you’ve monetized or that is at least in demand (ex. You’re doing speaking or workshops for free, but you’re clear on the service you want to provide)

Are scholarships available? 

No, I believe in self-investment and every woman has the capacity, creativity, and power to achieve her desired life and business. It’s a matter of reprioritizing and putting yourself first. A convenient payment plan has been added to make it accessible and accommodate various budgets.

What is the refund policy?

All of your payments are non-refundable.

When is the “Next Level You” Retreat?

The 4-day retreat dates are November 12th through 16th in Nassau, Bahamas

​​​​Who can I email if I have more questions?

You can email us at and our team will be happy to assist you!

Premium Positioning Lab

Become a High-value Expert with a High-ticket offer and finally attract High-end Clients,

in a 12-month, hands-on group intensive.


or 10-easy payments of $1200

When you enroll, you’ll receive:

  • 5-Step Premium Positioning Framework ($3000 Value)
  • Premium Positioning Live Sessions: Biweekly (2x Month) group coaching calls to strategize, get feedback, ask questions as you create and develop your offer. ($5000 Value)
  • Next Level You Retreat ($5000 value) in Nassau Bahamas, includes Meals & Accommodations for 4 Days
  • Virtual Mastermind Group ($3600 Value)
  • Bonus #13 Premium Marketing Masterclasses: Write to Sell, Facebook Ads 101, Webinars that Matter ($1000 Value)
  • Bonus #2– Launch Your Website Bootcamp ($11,000 Value)
  • Bonus #3- The $25K Proposal: How to Write Kickass Proposals and Land Corporate Clients  ($1000 Value)
  • Bonus #4- 12-month Complimentary Access to the Black Woman CEO “AYA” Network: 56 Business Lessons; Exclusive Library of Black Woman CEO Expert Sessions; Biweekly Group Coaching Calls, Expert Q & A sessions, and Office Hours for Hands-on Support; and Black Woman CEO Resource Library, Workbooks, and Checklists ($8000 Value)
  • Full pay bonus: (6) private calls+ unlimited virtual support Voxer & messenger ($3000 Value)

Enrollment Closes in:

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