Reawakening: How Black Woman CEO Founder Quanisha Green is Healing Trauma and Reimagining Business

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After a 5 day rest period, Black Woman CEO Founder, Quanisha Green MSS, our host, found herself on her bathroom floor crying.  Unable to get herself together for her coaching call.  She made the decision in May to take 30 days off at a Residential Treatment Center.  Sometimes we have to break everything down to RISE.

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Quanisha is now shifting the Black Women CEO podcast and adopting an ethical, feminist and trauma informed approach to how she does business.

Be sure to listen in today, Quanisha shares her story finally “opening her box” and addressing her compartmentalized trauma.

Key Highlights of this episode:

-Quanisha discusses her personal experiences with trauma and her approach to dealing with it.
-How her breakdown was really a breakthrough
-What trauma informed, ethical and feminist business principles mean and the value of these practices.

Let’s continue the conversation in our online sanctuary for Black Woman entrepreneurs doing ALL levels of business- The Black Woman CEO Circle


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